Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Playing catch up-- everyday life photos!

School's started again after a fun (and sugar) filled stay-cation last week…. and the madness begans again today. I've loved having my babies home. The sleep-ins, the snuggle seshes, the family outings (where I go a little bit mad getting everyone and and everything out the door on time- we never do). Only 3 months 'til summer though and this land of ice castles and sn-irt is slowly thawing out. 

I need to play some catch up on my posts and everyday life photos but here are a few to start with…

Day #64
What's with this face, girl?

Day #65
Friday family dinner involved some adult beverages

Day #66
My friend Dani and I piled 4 kids in her mini-van. She is trying to convince me to get one too. #answerisstillno 

Day #67
We went to see this cute baby and this little boy who apparently wanted nothing to do with the girls. 

Day #68
Bachelorette Viewing Party at Jenn's house! #teamwhitney #hopetheylast

Day #69
Dinner these days-- a healthy affair. 

Day #70
The day my kid did a couple voluntary concerts. #braverthanmama

Reading at the doctor's office. Right before the throwing of the book and the tapping each other on the head with said book began.

This is why I choose clothes for my 2 year old. Doesn't matter if yellow is her favourite colour. Size 4 does not fit!

And that's not even March Break yet, friends! We've been busy. Stay tuned!

Also, thanks so much for your wishes and congratulations on Friday's O Canada post

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  1. #answerisstillno, lol! Amen sister. The ONLY perk I see to a mini van is the sliding doors and now that the girls are getting bigger, that really isn't that big of a deal.

  2. It looks like you're having a blast!

  3. Your captions are hilarious! I am so glad you had such a fun and sugary spring break...we are on break now. Gloomy weather, but I can't complain; I am home with the girls. Love the picture/caption about the book in the doctor's office. Yup. That would be us too :)

  4. Lovely pics n love ur sense of humor ... Great one liners

  5. Only 3 more months until summer and having the kids home?! Yay! Those months should (hopefully) fly by! I love these every day pictures that give us a fun glimpse into your life!

  6. Great photos! My favourite one is your girls reading together at the doctors office :)


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