Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spreading some Spring Cheer!

Winter has been long and a bit meh so hello March!! Love me some spring, and love a good package so I jumped on the bandwagon for the Spring Cheer Exchange that the lovely Rachel and Astleigh hosted recently. 

THis time, Rachel (yep one of the organisers) from Floral and Fudge sent me this package full of 
Everything was of course well packaged and so pretty. Blog folk are good like that :-)  

But of course like I tell my girls, it's what is on inside that matters most friends. 

I think she was going for a St Patty's Day meets Easter meets Spring Is Coming vibe and I totally got it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a little obsession with paper straws. They immediately fancy-fy a par-tay!

Cute Kleenex to keep in this mama's bag!

Some flowers for my not so green thumb that I've vowed to correct this year!

A hanging pom pom that my 5 year old immediately wanted to open 

Stickers for the sticky fingers in my house. Bunnies are A's jam so I'm saving these for an extreme bribery situation. 

A very pretty bracelet that I will be sure to use. 

Cute baking cups for some spring baking!

A tiny note pad/journal for this huge list maker. 

And there was some candy- chocolate to be exact for when I gorge myself on Easter weekend! 

So there you have it. This sweet package bought such a smile to my face. Thanks so much Rachel for bringing some cheer to our little corner of Canada! 

 I got Cindy from Inspire Me Mama. Go check out her blog to see what was in her cheer package. 

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  1. What a special package to receive in the mail. I was going to sign up for that and then it slipped my mind, next year for sure!

  2. What a fun gift to receive! So many cute items! :)

  3. Ohhhhhhh my goodness!!! That looks like sooooo much fun. The colors. The "springness". I think think that would brighten anyone's day :) <3 xo

  4. What a fun idea and those are some great things you got in the package! Fun for you and your girls!

  5. Such a sweet box! Bloggers are good at presentation, aren't they ;) I love how youre saving the stickers for bribery- mommy tricks at their finest, ha!

  6. So glad you liked it, Sarita!!
    Hopefully those zinnias will bloom for you :) :)

  7. How fun! It all screams spring!

  8. Rachel did such a lovely job! And I'm crushing on the color scheme!

  9. What a fun box of spring cheer to open up! I especially love that journal. And the chocolate, of course ;)

  10. You got great stuff!! I love the pink bracelet and just everything. Beautiful!! I love my package too!! You rock!!! ;) Thank you so much!!! These swaps are awesome!! :) xo


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