Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fun-Day March Madness

March (Spring) Break flew by last week.  It was fun-filled and action packed with some little activity filling each and every day. I figured the best way to do this was day by day through all the little photos I had.

Day #73
We went to Ammie's baby shower. Everything was so beautiful with all the yellows, greys and teeny tiny details that only women, bloggers and women bloggers appreciate. My iphone did not take the best pics or else this would be its own blog post for sure.

There was also a cool photo booth but D's 98 lb cousin did it to fit two of her so we had to really squeeze in-- and that still didn't work.

Day #74 and 75
Visited Deerhurst with our friends Jenn, Alex and their kids. There was so much stuff to do-

Indoor fun

And outdoor fun

And of course a pool

PS: this happened

followed by this!

Day #76
I became a Canadian citizen

Then we had dim sum 

And because we couldn't get enough of these people, we met up for some Irish St. P's fun. (talk about Canada, the melting pot, right?)

Day #77
We headed to Casa Loma with my friend Sukhi and her family for a Princesses and Knights Festival. Cinderella was there sprinkling 'real fairy dust' on everyone (a royal pain to get out of little heads, let me tell you). Cookie decorating also ensued where Mommy ate her $5 worth in gummies since she's off chocolate for Lent. And facepainting and royal skits magic shows also were also a hit with the five and under crowd.

We had a Lebanese dinner with this cutie and her family after.

Day #78
The kids took it easy while at night the adults went out with some friends for $1 oysters.

That apple pie with aged cheddar was insanely good!

Day #79
On Friday, we ran many, many errands and then took the kids out for some sushi.

And some snuggles

Girls rock

 On Saturday, friends came over for dinner and then dress up!

And on Sunday, we repeated!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

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  1. I love these pictures - Casa Loma! $1 Oysters! Apple Pie with Cheese! I'm sure you know the saying "apple pie without some cheese is like a hug without a squeeze!"
    Happy Friday!

  2. Oh my goodness, these pictures are gorgeous!! Congratulations, again, on your citizenship. That must be an amazing feeling. I love seeing a baby shower, snow and hot tub in the same photo series. And I have never been skiing!! Maybe someday :) <3 Happy weekend, beautiful friend. xoxo

  3. Love that sushi box - it looks delicious!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Congrats on your Canadian citizenship! You guys have the best social life. It's the perfect mix of play dates and adult's nights out. I'm intrigued by that cheddar apple pie. Is it like a normal apple pie with cheese on top, or more savory?

  5. What a great week you had!! - Seri from

  6. You've been nominated for a Liebster award!!

  7. Great pics! I love the baby shower pics! So cute!

  8. Congrats on the citizenship!! My sis lives in Australia and when she became a citizen she was so happy and proud (she kept her trini citizenship too of course). Happy for ya!

  9. Great pics Sarita! So fun and full of great memories, for sure! You are so pretty and your girls are sooo cute and gorgeous!! I love how you share all of the special and priceless moments. So lovely. :) xo

  10. Congrats on your citizenship , great , memorable photographs, it sure is priceless .


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