Thursday, March 5, 2015

Everyday of week 7 and 8… almost

I have not been the best at taking pictures of everyday life. A lot of nights I remember too late when everyone is asleep and since no one really wants to see a screen capture of my iPad, no picture!

Day #48- 
so- very-sick
No pictures

Day #49
As C and I were ill, Jenn picked A up from school and took her to lunch. These little monkeys are just a little cray. Jenn also brought me soup #goodfriendindeed

Day #50
Once no shots are involved, my kids love the doctor's office. Especially since stickers are involved. 

Belated V'Day dinner with D. He got sick right after--- #flufamily

D napped and so did A so C and I went to the mall for me to pick up a few things and for C to browse. She is 5 and already a mall rat… She will browse for days. 

A playdate and some dress up

No pictures- totally forgot ;-s

Oatmeal=morning smiles

Heritage Night

Summer plus winter all in one toddler… and yeah, those sunglasses are upside down.

Look who lost tooth #3!!

Counting the toddler squats seemed like a good idea….

A little time out at a restaurant. It's been so cold, we haven't ventured out with the kids much. They inhaled their food.

That's an avocado-- she ate a whole one that day.

A quickie coffee and catch up with my friend Jenn. 

And tooth #4 came out 4 days after #3

Almost Friday!!!
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  1. So cute!! When there are no shots involved, my girls love our doctors too :) Hope you are feeling better xoxo

  2. Hehe I LOVE those toothless grins. Marissa was the same exact way. Once one came out the other QUICKLY followed. We gave lost 4 teeth so far too and I must admit, I am NOT a fan.

  3. Precious girls! Love those upside down glasses!! Cute Cute!

  4. So much cuteness in here!!! And your oldest, what a big girl already missing two teeth!!! :)

  5. Sorry to hear you were sick! Hope you're feeling fully recovered and it's always great to have a good friend to help out!

  6. Sorry to hear your hubby got sick! I actually had the flu last week which was crazy because I never get sick. Hope he is feeling better!

  7. No front teeth! That's so cute! I remember all my friends lost their teeth before me and I was so jealous that they could sip their milk through a straw in their tooth gap. And that summer/winter outfit combo is adorable.

  8. Aw, love that they look so happy at the doctors. Those little everyday moments make our lives :)


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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