Monday, January 28, 2013

The countdown is on!

Next month, we will be going back to the beautiful Turks and Caicos. We usually never go back to the same vacation spot twice (not yet anyways, as we have so many places to visit still), much less the same resort. T&C is so beautiful, the weather is that perfect warm temperature,  the people are very hospitable and the beaches! WOW! Like nothing else in the Caribbean. Turquoise, crystal clear, calm waters. Once again, we will be staying at Beaches, a wonderful family resort. It is totally  kid oriented but is also very adult friendly. All of us were able to relax! Cassia had such a great time last time when she was only 18 months. I think she will have a blast when we go back. She is super excited already! 

The last time we went, our camera stopped working mid-way so we were not able to capture everything. In anticipation of our trip, I'm posting the few pics that we do have. Enjoy!

Cassia loved the pool and the swim up bar, where she would ask for a 'jink'

Story time with Elmo

A sleep over with the kids

D in his element- he loves nothing better than a nice beach

Our little poser

We swam so much!!

The grounds were also so picturesque

Cassia became an Elmo groupie

Snuggling with my doll

I can't wait to go back

Trying to teach her how to swim

She loved to pose like this when she was 18 months

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