Monday, January 21, 2013

My daughters' keeper

This morning, Cassia woke up crying. She didn't want to go to school because she said her friends weren't playing with her. She mentioned it a couple times over the weekend but this time there was a lot of distress. My heart broke a little. Yes, I know that there are always many different sides to a story but as a Mom, you want to protect your child and you jump to their defence as gut instinct. They spill it, we wipe it; they drop it, we pick it up; they cry, we wipe their tears (and cry a bit on the inside as well).

It turned out okay. We told her to play with other kids and speak to the teacher if she was sad. Darin spoke to the teacher when he dropped her off and waited to settle her in.When I went for her, the teacher said she kept an eye out and for the most part it was good today.

I am dreading the day that one of my girls experiences distress that I can't help with. One day, I will have to send them out into the world where they will obviously make mistakes. I can only hope that I will instill in them a strong character, a kind heart and the knowledge that they will always be loved unconditionally by their parents.

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