Saturday, January 19, 2013

Duck Lime

When I was younger around my birthday, as a special treat, my dad would make whatever I wanted for me to eat. Most of the times, my request was curried duck... A trini specialty. Now, whenever my birthday week comes around I always HAVE to have it. When I first came to Canada, I used to buy it from West Indian restaurants. Wasn't the same but it sufficed.

Last year, my sweet friend Jo came to my house and made the curried duck for us. I was pregnant and sick at the time and the duck was the best thing ever. This year she repeated the tradition and it was just as delicious! She also made this pepper chokha that was out of this world. I hope this meal becomes an annual thing :-) Something about home made curry in winter is very comforting.

This year, Jo's sister and husband, our very dear friends, Will and Andrea also came with their three kids, Alyssa, William and Alex. These kids are Cassia's favourite people in the entire world. She is always so excited to see them. She had the best time. Andrea has also mastered the art of shucking oysters so she made some trini style oysters and she brought us dessert, a yummy raspberry cheesecake ice cream birthday cake. Some people had 4 helpings!

Special friends, great food and CAKE!! What a wonderful winter night!

Andrea and Anjali

Jo, Me and Andrea and our yummy oyster shots

Darin, the boys and his Jenga

Cassia and her friends

The marvellous chef and her favourite girl

Happy Birthday to ME! Thanks for the cake, Andrea!

Alyssa and Anjali

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