Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lazy Weekends

Sometimes it's just nice to have a lazy weekend after a hectic week. With all the birthday celebrations behind us and the sub-zero temperature, it was nice to just relax this weekend. Anjali and I did not leave the house! Cassia had ice skating and a play date but other than that we just spent time with each other. We watched movies, played, the adults drank wine, Darin and Cassia baked cookies and I made a big trini meal tonight of stewed chickencallaloo and parsley potatoes... even the preschooler ate it up! Now all three kids are asleep and it's time a cup of peppermint tea and the Screen Actor's Guild Awards-- one of my favourites as its the actors (and not the 52 screenplay and cinematography awards) and they get quite sloshed and entertaining... perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

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