Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Quaran-tine Valen-tine

Good Morning--- here are just a few snippets from our wonderful Valentines' Day. It was a different one but definitely filled with the most important things--- family and love--- and a little sugar thrown in for good measure....

D knows that I prefer mixed bouquets and knocked it out of the park with this awesome one.... He gets it the day before so he gets better blooms before the Valentines Day rush.

It is even prettier today as some more blooms are opening up.

Look who is all dressed up!

Then the kiddos took a turn dressing him up... no words.

We got gluten free treats this year and they were yummy!

We are fans of pretty around here. 

D and I took Toby for a long walk and then both took power naps before indulging in some Thai takeout.

My Valentine for the last 18 years...His lips are redder than mine and I'm wearing lipstick....

So stuffed after dinner but a dessert buffet had to be done (we wrapped most of it up after for during the week)

Between Costco and a gluten free bakery we were fixed for all those sugary "needs". C's friend also sent some cupcakes (on the other tray) that were also so delicious.

D and I watched The Dressmaker after---- let's just say it wasn't the best choice for a Valentine's movie.

And that's a wrap on Valentine's Day, friends! How did you spend yours? 


  1. This all looks amazing, and love how you dressed up the pup! And those flowers are gorg - D did a great job <3

    Green Fashionista

  2. What a sweet Valentine's Day. Your hubby did pick out a beautiful bouquet! Love the puppy!! SO cute!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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