Monday, February 22, 2021

My Peloton Review

Happy Monday. It's been almost four months since I got my Peloton bike so I figured it would be a good time to do a little synopsis of my thoughts... I got it after a friend of mine from the gym got hers and raved a ton about how great the workouts are (this same friend introduced me to F45 so I figured she knew what she was talking about). With our numbers rising and with the impending lockdown (s) we made the decision to get one in early September but only got it in November.... demand far outweighed supply!

So far it's been wonderful. I really enjoy all the different workouts. Even before getting the bike I started the app and  outdoor walking, yoga, barre, pilates and weights. Here are some random pros and cons that I've found:


1- Cycling: There is a cycling workout for everyone. You can start as a beginner or as a very advanced cycler but these workouts push you! I thought I was fit until I started Peloton and it began kicking me in the behind. You can also stack workouts so you can do warm up bike workouts and cool down ones and then do some light weights while still on the bike! I'm a huge fan. The arms and interval workouts are my favourite, followed by low impact... I'm easing myself in. I love the themed rides as well. 30-45 minutes seems to be my sweet spot for riding. 

2- Stretch: Simply the best stretch sessions I've ever had. The end. 

3- Strength. I probably use the strength workouts more than any other.... I love how no euqipment except for free weights (and bands) are needed or no equipment at all. I tack it onto the end of a cyclying workout or sometimes just do a 45 minute strength class. There are also body weight classes, barre and pilates and though the variety is good, 
4- Yoga- Peloton is also very strong in yoga.  I try to do a yoga session at least once a week and really like it. 

5- Challenges- as I'm not working out with other people right now, I love the challenges Peloton issues and the output that shows you compared to others (you can opt out of this)

6- Variety- this library is ever evolving and you really don't have to do any single workout twice if you don't want to. 

7- Love how they have themes. You can bet for Christmas I did lots of their themed workouts! Who 

8- Multiple profiles- I just set my mom up and C with their own profiles so they can experiment as well. My mom can use the app on the phone or when she is walking. 

9- Their user interface is incredibly easy to use and you can see your stats at a glance. 

1- Though their running and cycling is great, I find their cardio (HIIT and dance ) leaves a bit to be desired. I want harder, longer routines or more choreographed ones. My Les Mills membership (which I got a 30 day Trial for last week) includes some kickboxing and choreographed dancing which are more fun and give me way more of a workout. 

2- Pilates and barre are just okay. Les Mills has a great barre series. 

3- I find that sometimes the bike registers my workout on the apple watch (the app always does) and sometimes it doesn't. I find myself registering the workout on my own and then when Peloton does, it inflates the movement I've gotten for the day. 

4- The shoes can be hard to clip in and out of the bike. My brother and I were thinking about getting my parents one but when I got my own and saw the shoe issue, I didn't think my parents could handle it.

5- The cost- it's a huge investment. I use it in some form or fashion almost every single day-- some days it's some standing yoga or a stretch so it makes sense for me but not for a sporadic athlete.  

So there you have it.  Do you have a Peloton or the app? Any tips, tricks or classes to share? What are you doing for fitness these days?

Sidenote, if you are thinking of getting a Peloton, hit me up for a code so you can get some discounted merchandise... with my friend's code we were able to get some spin shoes. Also, my peloton name is saritapg if you want to be friends!

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  1. I don't have a Peloton but have seen so many loving them right now. Glad you are enjoying yours!!

  2. We ordered one after Christmas but isn't set to arrive until mid-March!! But I am looking forward to it. I'll hook up with you when I get set up.

  3. I dont have a Peloton. i was thinking of getting one but I do Beachbody workouts. They just acquired a company that also has spin bikes and will be releasing their own version of a Peloton soon so I am holding off

  4. Glad you are enjoying your bike! Thx for the honest review...i love barre and dancing/zumba. I didnt know Les Mills had an app. I might look into that one...i just need the fee to be affordable like Peloton ;).

  5. At the beginning of the pandemic they were giving you a free membership for 3 months which I did, and although I didn't have a bike, I did the other workouts and really loved it. I just don't love riding a stationary bike that much to invest in the bike itself. But I did like the short workouts when I was doing them. I switched to Beach Body on Demand and really love it.


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