Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Favourites

Yes to a long weekend! Here are things that have been bringing us smiles lately.

1- Real life school started back and everyone couldn't be happier.... except for Mr. Toby who we think is missing all the mayhem and "magic" that virtual school had brought to his life...  He was living his best life with all the puppy snuggles he was the recipient of.

2- Speaking of online schooling, look who was working with his tessellations with our third grader.

3- My friend dropped off a belated birthday beverage as she was doing a Dry January but wanted to celebrate with a festive beverage with me via facetime... on my actual birthday, we still met up for a drink but this was another way to extend  the celebrations :-)

4- We made this spicy sushi dip last weekend and it was so awesome!

5- Superbowl was quieter without the incredible party we usually  go to at our friends' house. We did make the best of it with some salty dogs, awesome snacks and that awesome Weeknd halftime show!

6- My old neighbour's birthday was this week so a few of us headed to her house to wish her happy birthday from a distance. We brought her a latte and flowers and made the best of the freezing outdoor celebrations. 

What's everyone doing for Valentines' Day? Ours will involve a family brunch, some takeout, valentine's bingo, cupcakes. maybe a newlywed game and some pink sparkling wine.

Cheers to the long weekend, friends!!

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  1. Sushi dip sounds good! Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm sure Toby isn't the only dog wondering what the heck is going on now that the kids are back!!
    Sunday brunch sounds like a good plan, an excuse for me to buy smoked salmon. We may get some oysters too, I'll take any reason to buy those :)

  3. Oh I am glad to hear you can get back to normal school and how nice to do this for your neighbor. Great photos too!

    Allie of

  4. How lovely to have the kids back in school!

  5. Love all your Superbowl! So glad the girls are back in school:) makes things feel a little normal. We are having a breakfast, baking cookies, and watching movies! I plan to decorate with hearts everywhere on Sunday like a “heart explosion!”

  6. Sounds like it's been a great week. Birthday celebrations should always be extended as long as possible. :)


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