Friday, October 4, 2019

Our morning routine

School's been in session for a month now and I thought I'd touch on our morning routine during the week. It's slowly changed through the years and I know it will change in the future as well.

I wake up between 6:15 and 6:45. Sometimes D is up, sometimes he isn't. While I'm working up the courage to get out of bed, I say my prayers and think of ten things I'm grateful for from the day before (if I haven't done it before bed).  I brush my teeth, wash my face, put on the kettle,  take out my vitamins and make my tea- black tea with a little cream. 

I put on my Happy Light, sip my tea and read some devotional books. Sometimes, I meditate. It's something I'd like to get more into but more often than not, I don't. I then check my emails, read the news via Skimm and link my blog/read/comment on my blogroll. This takes me to about 7:30 to 7:45 at which point daughters start to trickle in and ask what's for breakfast. 

C enjoys reading for a bit before starting her day and A, the non morning person, prefers to get herself dressed and her chores done before she eats. Weird huh?

Breakfast is usually simple stuff around here during the week- my kids aren't big on protein in the am . We usually do toast, bagels, oatmeal, smoothies or cereal and a little milk. While they are waiting on breakfast, I've started them on unpacking the dishwasher. I used to have them doing stuff like just the cutlery and the dishes but then I realised it would free up my mornings so much more if  they did it all of it. Game changer!! They also have to switch off their lights (I take a dollar out of their allowance if they don't) and tidy their room though sometimes they 'forget' ha!! 

After this, everyone is dressed and I comb their hair. I sometimes put on devotional morning and they usually change it to their choice of music and have a dance/singing sesh.

No breakfast for me these days unless I'm really hungry. D and I are intermittent fasting and it hasn't been too bad!

At 8:25 the Google Home  goes off and they pack their lunches (prepared the day before) and water-bottles in their backpacks as well as the ten little books, beads, trickets and trash they like to take to school with them . We usually try to leave home a bit after than. Most days, we leave before D and say a quick goodbye. 

We say our prayers on the way to school, chat a bit and sometimes get to times tables. After drop off, I head to the gym after that to get my workout done before the day takes over.

I know that someday I'll look back on these days and smile thinking how fast they've flown. The years are short,  my friends!

Are your mornings similar to mine? Any tips to share? 


  1. This is a great morning routine! I love how you said you need courage to get out of bed. 10 things you're grateful for - I have a hard time thinking of one! I need to start charging Simon a dollar for leaving his lights on. And I need help emptying the dishwasher, stat!

  2. Sounds like a good morning routine! I always love having a peek to see how other families do things, you can learn so much! And yes, I agree... having them do the dishwasher is such a game changer. I'm a worry wart so I still grab the knives out before they do it but we've worked up to them doing the rest and it's amazing.

  3. What a great idea for a post! I always do your best with routine and always did when all the kids were home as well!

  4. I just love posts like these - and this is a great morning routine! My children are still so little, but we're learning the small habits. My boys are learning to make their beds and bring their cups downstairs, which is a huge help!

  5. That all sounds very lovely; efficient and intentional use of your time. My mornings currently involve a squabbly (is that word?) three year old and rushing to leave the house by 7:15. You're right though, I will miss these days when they are gone. So to answer your question, my mornings are nothing like yours! :P

    1. I literally LOL'd at this comment. This will change-- trust me!

  6. This wounds like a wonderful morning routine. We don't have to rush off to school so our mornings are much more relaxed but I remember the mad dash to make sure everyone had everything packed.. and I always felt like we were forgetting something.


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