Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Currently and Prime Lately- October 2019

Happy October, friends! The colours are starting to change, it's getting colder, we are back in the swing of things and October is bringing us lots of festive fun with Thanksgiving, Divali and Halloween! So much going on :-)

And now for a bit of currently with Anne.

It seems life is all about the weekend playdates for these kiddos and their friends.... they love getting together just to chill or do something fun with their little friends. I love hearing their little conversations and seeing their personalities shine.

Liquid magnesium. I've been taking magnesium for a few years now in the capsule form but now I'm also taking the liquid form and it seems stronger and more effective. 
Canprev Liquid Magnesium Bis-glycinate 300 Ultra Gentle 500ml 18 Gram 60 Gram

This beautiful, crazy, messy life that we live! I know I'll look back fondly at all these pick ups and drop offs, the wrappers, the packed lunches and how full the fridge and our lives are right now and be very, very grateful for it all. 

Vegan food with my neighbour. This older couple in our neighbourhood switched to a vegan lifestyle after a health scare. I made a vegan dish last week (a vegetable coconut curry) and sent C across to give them a taste. Later on in the night, she sent back a delicious jack fruit stir fry over quinoa! 

And here's some Prime Lately now with Tanya!

I didn't get around the post this but these are what I got for A's friends for her trampoline party! I'm a huge fan of getting things that the kids are going to actually use instead of trinkets and trash. These water tumblers are great for filling up at home to make sure the kiddos get their H2O in. And because it's double insulated, it can keep their water cool as well. 

SKINNY TUMBLERS 12 Colored Acrylic Tumblers with Lids and Straws | Skinny, 16oz Double Wall Clear Plastic Tumblers With FREE Straw Cleaner & Name Tags! Reusable Cup With Straw (Multicolors, 12)

I also put some chapstick, some gum, a fun tote and these stackable crayons in there. My kids love having all the colours in one stack.

This is my third Garmin Vivofit Jr we've bought for the kiddos. This was A's birthday gift.  Both kids love the accountability of a fitness tracker... just like their mama! I love that it doesn't have to be charged but lasts for more than a year usually. 

I heard about almond butter made from blanched almonds from Kelly & Ryan and really wanted to try it. This one is so velvety smooth and sweet. Great for a sweet, no added sugar treat but a little pricier for sure. 

I wanted a fun seasonal pillow that would go with all the blues I have in my house. I love that it's a super cheap pillow cover as we have so many pillows at home that I could use and just cover.

Fall Pumpkin Throw Pillow Cover Autumn Decor Watercolor Drawing Pumpkin Pillow Cuhion Cover Case for Couch Sofa Home Decoration Fall Pillows Linen 18 X 18 Inches

Honestly, since I started buying some clothes on Amazon, I don't buy too many from other places as it's so much cheaper here. I mean how cool, and how affordable (!), is this sweater?

What's on your Prime list lately?


  1. Love that pumpkin pillow! Have a great week.

  2. I need to try that almond butter, and now I'm intrigued about taking magnesium. Tell me more <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. The water bottles are such a great idea for a party favor or gift. YES to giving something that will be used. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. Great Amazon finds, I like giving goodies like those too!

  5. I've been Amazon-ing party favors here too and am totally with you on getting actual useful stuff. Love the water bottle idea, and my son loves stackable crayons like that too. Since we're doing a bird watching/nature hike party I'm getting little binoculars and trail mix bars to give to the kids, along with pens that look like feathers! :) Also that pillow cover is sooo cute and would totally go with my decor (whereas most Halloween/fall type stuff doesn't, so I don't really decorate for fall...). Tempting!

  6. That pillow is so cute and what a great sweatshirt. I always love comfy for fall! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  7. The pumpkin pillow is super cute! Good find!

  8. Oo I love that pillow! My house is a lot of blues and grays and that would look fall and match at the same time. Perfect!

  9. That is a cute sweatshirt. My first experience with clothes from Amazon was not a success, but maybe it's time for another try.

  10. I think party favors that can actually be used longer than a day are great. Love those stackable crayons!



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