Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Gobble, Gobble-- Thanksgiving Awesomeness 2019

Happy Tuesday! What a wonderful weekend was had by all in our circle! My parents  came to visit and we had the most glorious low key weekend filled with fun, family, friendship and you guessed it... food. Here are just a 'few pics' of our weekend.

We celebrated my dad's birthday at a low key hakka restaurant with the most yummy food! Prior to this, my parents picked up my kids and took them for an after school treat, to their extra curricular and to the park. They usually do this and it feels like a mini- vacay!

Saturday was low key in the am with my dad and I organising the backyard and outdoor furniture for the colder months and D, C and my mom making a pumpkin pie... Spoiler alert, C put double to amount of nutmeg and at least four times the amount of cloves...

My parents then took the kiddos apple picking, to a fall fare and to the mall.

One of my kids is clearly liking herself

Meanwhile, D and I headed to our friends' house for Friendsgiving.

Port and chocolate tasting- we sliced each chocolate in four pieces to eat a sliver of each. Made from Trinidadian cocoa and found in Harrods', England.

The next day, it was all about the big meal. The star of the show did not disappoint. Hello, dry brining and butter basting.

Just a little snack before. This apple cider jam was excellent!!

I was thrilled my dad came to continue his 70th birthday celebrations with us!!

Table topics, snacks, chess and family time!

The kids decorated the tables this year.

Someone wasn't feeling 100% but perked up and decided to join us halfway thru dinner.

So many greens! So much deliciousness!

An autumn walk followed by a little dessert. 

Monday was spent very low key as well. I squeezed a workout in, did laundry and my parents made home made doubles....a trini curried chick peas sandwich with lots of chutneys. It was so, so good and we finished it all.

Leftovers, dessert, more family times and Dancing with the Stars ended our night.

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!


  1. OMG, so much good food!! I love it. I can't imagine that pumpkin pie was edible?!

  2. That food looks amazing! What a beautiful job on the turkey...I am so hungry right now! HA! So nice to spend time with family! HUGS

  3. This is getting me so excited for our upcoming Thanksgiving! What a great time of celebrating with your family.

  4. What a great Thanksgiving! That is my favorite holiday and I just can not wait!!

  5. Glad you guys had an awesome thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! The food looks amazing!

  7. Double celebratory weekend! And now I'm totally craving port and chocolate - YUM <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. Your food looks absolutely delicious, what a beautiful turkey! And a very happy birthday to your dad, he looks great at 70!


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