Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Divali 2019

This weekend, we celebrated Divali, our Festival of Lights. We had such a wonderful time celebrating. Take a look....

 For the first time, we did Rangoli patterns at our front entrance the day before Divali.

We also tried our hand at making ras gulla/gulab jamoon. 

Followed by a low key family dinner of Indian takeout and Apple J.

On Sunday, after our family prayers at home, we headed to D's aunt's place in Mississauga as we usually do for a very festive, fun evening. We did manage to snap a few shots before of the girls in their beautiful Indian wear. 

Sparklers were a huge part of Divali for me growing up and my kiddos love it as well.

My little poser came up with this shot on her own. Mama's proud, love!

I even squeezed one in of myself.

Prayers, dinner and then more pics followed!!

I can't seem to find shots of all of us there that night including the wonderful hosts. If I get one, I'll put it in.

Leftovers packed for the next day and dessert followed as well as presents.

Such a lovely weekend filled with prayer, celebration, delicious food and festivity! 


  1. Everything looks so lovely and I loved seeing your pictures here! The designs you made are so cool!

  2. The girls look so pretty! I love all of the vibrant colors and the sparklers are such a nice touch.

  3. Happy Divali! Beautiful photos, and wonderful traditions.

  4. I love all of this! Such a beautiful celebration and beautiful people.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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