Monday, January 28, 2019

Some American Girl Magic

Such a cold weekend with lots of family time, movies, card games and snacks. We did manage to brave the cold to take the girls to their ski lessons and go to lunch at a friend's place though so all was not at home. Oh and I did laundry like a boss so winning all around. 

Instead of taking pics of all the stacks of laundry, I thought I would share some fun we had when we ventured to the American Girl Store on our visit to Chicago. My sister in law planned it out and it was a visit my girls will remember forever. C went to the NYC store and restaurants when she was four for tea but barely remembers it and A has never been. Both girls were so thrilled to go with their cousin. We made it a girls' day out and spent a few fabulous hours there.

I wanted the brothers to pose with the dolls before they left but this was the best I could get.

So many beautiful dolls to choose from.

My mother in law gifted each of a girls a new American Doll. Here is A deciding which doll looks like her. 

She was one smitten kitten!

It was still decorated for Christmas and so pretty.

My sister in law generously treated us to lunch/tea there.

We had five dolls there as my girls took their dolls from home and then they were gifted the two more! More babies than mommies in this group.

Quite the spread for the kids.

So many delicious sweet treats.

I even got an early birthday treat!

This was after their girls got their ears pierced and they wanted to shop for some outfits for them. I should mention that the outfits cost more than some of my own!

Such a fun day that my girls will remember forever. Thanks to all the family who made it happen. Love you guys!

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  1. A dream come true for those girlies! So sweet and the guys in front of the sweet shoppe cracks me up.

  2. We love the American Girl store. Gabbie was into them for a long time and has 3 of her own. My mother-in-law got them all for her - lucky she's the only granddaughter of that age! My husband wants to open a bar next to the American Girl Store and call it American Dad!

  3. SO much fun! Where were these stores when I was a little girl? I still have my Kirsten doll <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Oh what fun!! Great pictures. I too was huge into Dolls when I was a child. I still have some of them and they bring back great memories.

  5. The american doll experience is always so fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. So sweet! I can't wait until my little girl is old enough to go to the American Girl Store!

  7. Those dolls are beautiful and such keepsakes. So fun!!

  8. That place looks amazing for little girls! WOW!

  9. Such a cute place for kids to pick out their dolls! I guess since I'm not a parent. I didn't know such a store existed but it's a very cool concept so kids of all ethnicities can shop for their perfect doll.


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