Monday, January 7, 2019

Hello 2019!

Hello Lovelies and Happy New Year! I'm back from a longer than planned break and boy did I miss this little space of mine. I figure that a good way to start back blogging with a bang is to talk about those new year resolutions. I've mentioned before that I'm more of a tactical person so I need details in those resolutions and to make them more actionable. That way I'm setting myself up for a win.

Before  we get into 2019 resolutions, let's take a look back at 2018's.

Get more immersed in yoga. 
I certainly did lots of yoga through the year, both at home and at the gym. I even got a little yoga subscription. I did not get to practice twice weekly like I wanted to though as my time in the gym is limited and a yoga studio is out of the question with the kids' schedule right now.  And if I'm not going to the gym as often as I'd like, yoga is the thing that I give up first to get the cardio in instead. I can however do an assisted wheel and on occasion, I've even managed to lift my head a couple inches off the floor when trying to do it! Yay me!

Continue to get that blue light out of the room
Fail! I started back using my ipad for reading and it was all downhill from there. :-)

Work on my kids manners'
I think they're okay. With the occasional sass and forgetting to say please but I'll count this one as a win.

Teaching the kids about saving, spending and donating to charity
Hmmmm..... I have a spender still so though she gives she doesn't save as much as I'd like. The other one is fine though and she is okay with not spending every single cent!  There is some giving for sure... but saving, not so much. So it's a work in progress!

And now onto 2019

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Clearly, by now we know I have some air in my jumps LOL

I usually do a couple for me personally and a couple for me as a parent.

Reduce my use of single use plastics.
I think we're pretty good but even so, every time I have to sort out recycling, I'm displeased with how much plastic we still use. every.single.time. So as much as possible, this is on the agenda for our family this year. A blog post to follow soon of what we are trying our best to do.

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Eat more fish

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I've cut back on the amount of fish I eat over the years simply because of a certain daughter who complains every time I cook it. Well, no more kiddo! This year, I'm going to up the amount of sustainably sourced and omega rich fish we are consuming at least once or twice a week... because found my fitness told me too. This website took my genetic data and made some recommendations. And they said to eat sardines as well! So let's see. Sidenote, I also take a supplement. 

Call my friends and family more.
I'm pretty good at keeping in touch via text but seriously, the people I'm in touch with via telephone or facetime, I find our connection being stronger with... Hi Chad and Geets!  The human connection is missing with a text. So this year, the pledge is to call more friends and family with the girls or by myself. 

And for the kids:

Support them in their New Year's Resolutions
This year C wants to eat less sugar and A wants to stop crying for no reason (her words). So I will try to equip them with their tools to do that!

Thank You Notes
The girls are going to start to write thank you notes. Letter writing is so important and I want my girls to get it. I even got them some personalised stationery to begin. 

What are your resolutions for 2019? Are you tactical like me or do you have an over-arching theme? 


  1. I want to start eating more fish again too. I think you have some great goals and it’s goongbto be a great year!

  2. Awww LOVE the girls' resolutions! And I feel the same way about plastics. I try not to feel TOO bad because I'm super strict about recycling absolutely everything, but I need to be better about all the water bottles. I use my S'well at work all day, but once I'm home I need to switch to a Brita filter instead of all the bottles.
    Green Fashionista

  3. Very sweet that the girls made their own resolutions. Gabbie decided not to drink soda this year. She rarely does anyway but she's already had to say no a few times!

  4. I love that your kiddos have goals for the year- I have never thought of getting my kids to do that idea! Happy New Year!

  5. Great post!!! You are definitely not kidding about getting air - WOW!!! Family and friends communication is on my list too for sure!

  6. I love your goals for the year!! I have a stack of thank you notes at my desk at work and at home - so I basically write one anytime Sophia or I get a gift! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I need to work on calling my family and friends more often too. I got a chuckle at A's New Years resolution but at least it's something she's aware of and wants to work on.


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