Monday, January 14, 2019

Chicago 2019!

Happy Weekend, friends! After a weekend filled with skiing lessons, an at home make your own pizza night, prep for NINE visitors next week, lots of hygge and bucketfuls of laundry, I figured a little recap of our Chicago trip last week was long overdue.

We went to visit D's brother and his family there and we all had the best time! We spend lots of quality time playing, chatting, cooking, sightseeing, eating, sleeping and starting off 2019 just right!

We left 3 am on the 2nd of Jan. I'm starting to like early morning driving when the kids can still get some rest and so can D, I listen to my podcasts and then as the sun starts to rise, we switch out and he does the rest of driving. That way we got there really early (10:30 am) and the kids were able to almost have the whole day to play. We took it easy for the rest of the Wednesday. We did some grocery shopping, D got a massage and we cooked a couple yummy meals.

The next day, I hit up Target bright and early in the am while the rest of the house slowly got ready because #priorities. 
We went into downtown Chicago and the Water Tower Place for a little American Girl fun. That's a whole 'nother post of fun and excitement! Very appropriately timed, I was reading Michelle Obama's Becoming at that time and I was even more excited to see Chicago.

We then headed to the bar at the John Hancock Centre for drinks and a view of the city.  

After this, we drove around the city to check out the city by night before heading to Catch 35 for some excellent seafood. I had the sea bass and I'm still thinking about it!

On the Friday, after I got a wonderful early morning massage, we headed to Top Golf. If you have a TOp GOlf in your area and you haven't been yet friends, GO! And this is from a non golfer! Golf games, fun food and drinks (their cauliflower pizza was sooooo good) and climate controlled bays. It was a good time and we spent a few hours there.

 Injectable donut holes--- yes please!

We then headed to the mall for a few hours and I had to get the Chicago Mix Popcorn from Garretts' and shop for shoes for my birthday!

Then it was dinner at another wonderful joint, Eddie Merlot's. Another delicious meal.

Their flambeed desserts are their specialty and our table had two of them!

ON Saturday, it was more low key but just as fun. My brother and sister in law taught us how to play Monopoly Deal and we are obsessed! It was another beautiful sunny day so we headed out to the Independence Grove Forest Preserve for some fresh air and park time.

We got our Vitamin D that day for sure! 

And then ice cream and chess because you have to have ice cream after the park!

We went home, I did laundry, my in laws made some delicious fresh fish and huge Red Alaskan crab legs for dinner and we played Deal before turning in. 

It was the best start to the New Year and we came back ready to face school and January. Special thanks to my in laws for hosting us and showing us a most wonderful time!

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  1. We are only two hours away from Chicago and we go often. It is our favorite city in the whole wide world! Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time! Xo

  2. I love Chicago. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Looks like a fabulous trip. Ive never been to Chicago and my cousin who lived there moved to FL. I've just always thought it to be a beautiful city. PS the food look ahmazing!

  4. Such a fun weekend! I haven't been to Chicago in ages, but it's one of my favorite cities!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. SO much fun! Chicago is one of my favorite U.S. cities, and you can't beat drinks with a view at the John Hancock tower <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Target and Chicago Mix Popcorn, the best!! I love Chicago, you had some great meals, can't wait to go back sometime.

  7. Wow! What a great weekend in Chicago! I cannot wait to read Michelle's book!!! I am obsessed with her! You got it just about everything in a few days! Amazing!

  8. Looks like you had a great time. Kuddos to you for leaving at 3am!
    I grew up in Chicago and still have a lot of family there.. but haven't been back in years.

  9. This looks like the best weekend!!! We used to live in WI, and if we still did, I would definitely find a weekend to take my girls... they would love all the stores. My hubby is flying to Chicago next week for work; wish we could all go. :) Glad you guys had such a great time, Sarita!!


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