Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's Up Wednesday- May 2018!

Last Wednesday in beautiful May, which might be one of my most favourite months of the year! Here's what's happening with us!!

What we're eating this week?
D and I are on a ketogenic meal plan along with some other friends of ours. Lots of protein, higher fats than I usually have and really limited carbs. Here's a sample of what we've been having.
Monday: grilled chicken, grilled okra and mixed greens
Tuesday: something grilled, maybe lamb and veggies
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: thai tofu curry with zoodles
Friday: not sure yet but we are trying our best to limit the carbs and sugars.

Lots of ceviche and poke has also been on the menu!

What I'm reminiscing about
Not a whole lot to be honest. This season in life has me swamped. 

What I'm loving
This grilled calamari  that I made over the weekend. I'm craving it and can't wait to make it again. Recipe found here.

What we've been up to…
The pool is open and swimming in the backyard with the awesome Sarah has started. Only lessons for A so far but when Cassia's competitive swim ends, she might do a lesson or two. 

Also, we had our final swim meet this season. Little Miss got two of her three personal times improved and placed in the top three respectively. Girlfriend tries so hard.

Music for C EQAO (testing at schools) also ends today! 

Add in lacrosse, soccer, dance and skating and life is so hectic!

What I'm dreading…
Dance Recital weekend. Three recitals in two days. It takes a toll, friends.

What I'm working on
I've begun seeing a naturopath (naysayers chill, it's my coin) for some long term health issues I've been having. So far, so good and I'm getting some bloodwork done as well. I'm praying I get some benefits.

What I'm excited about…
Summ-summ-summer. And a little trip D and I have planned to kick the summer off right.

What I'm watching/reading…
Just finished the entire season of Party of Five and now ontoJane the Virgin while I'm cooking. Please don't judge me harshly ;-).  Other than that, most nights I spend reading some Elin Hilderbrand repeats before her new one comes out.

What I'm listening to..
Sirius XM that's on preview in my car right now.

What I'm wearing…
All the summer dresses!! Yay, me!!

What I'm doing this weekend…
A movie night with some friends, a birthday party for A's friend, date night with another couple, skating for A and a few of C's swim friends coming over for swim and snacks. 

What I'm looking forward to next month..
The end of the school year!

What else is new?
I got this inflatable Pouch Couch to try out and my kids just LOVED it. They used it both indoors and outdoors. Would be an awesome purchase for the beach, to go camping, backyards or even indoors for the kiddos watching TV. As you can see both fit, and they took turns as well! If you purchase, follow these  instructions and set up should be easier.

Favourite summer salad:
This sesame chicken pasta is on repeat every summer!! 

Hey, is anyone also having some issues with blogger comments. I don't get the emails informing me about comments anymore. Am I able to change this? Does anyone know?

Happy hump day! 

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  1. bahahha- I totally watch Jane the Virgin too!

  2. The couch looks comfy! I need to cut carbs out of my diet. I don't eat so many already but I can't eat any if I want to weigh less!

  3. How are you liking the Keto diet? I have several friends doing it also!
    Thanks for linking up with us! :)

  4. I love Jane the Virgin- such a fun show! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  5. SO much going on! But yay for the pool being open <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Isn't this the craziest time of year? I love it though. Enjoy your upcoming trip; I'm leaving for my trip next week and can't wait!!


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