Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Favourites: Pool Season Must Haves

Yay for Pool Season! So much sunshiny fun! Here are my must haves for lots of summer goodness at the pool!

1- Pretty Floats
My kiddos love a good float! I've gotten a few for the kiddos so far, averaging around one per season as we do make use of them. We usually use one main one and pull the others out when friends and family come. I managed to plan A's birthday party around a couple.

First we had our flamingo

Then the donut

We got a mermaid tail this year as well which the kiddos love.

Oh and for younger kids, puddle jumpers are a MUST HAVE. We have two and keep them handy for any visitors and sometimes for A if she is venturing in the deep end without an adult in the pool.

Stearns 3000002180 Puddle Jumper Child Life Jacket, Blue Starfish

2- Sunscreen is another must have for us this year. Supergoop has to be my new favourite like lots of blogland. I love the non greasy feel it and that it's non aerosol too! 

Supergoop! Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C SPF 50, 6 fl. Oz.

3- Some good music is a must have. A portable bluetooth speaker is so useful for both inside and outside the house.This is the one we have and love. It's also splash proof which makes it even more wonderful for outside.

4- I'll probably have to do another post on outdoor entertaining and all my favourites but these glasses are so practical and can go right in the dishwasher after. These stainless steel ones though (double walled and insulated) might be good for just D and I when we are outside on those very hot days so that our drinks don't get too warm.

5- There are SO many cute hat options on Amazon. A sun hat is a must for me when I'm not sitting under an umbrella. So many fun options out there. Here are just a few of my faves.

FURTALK Summer Panama Straw Fedora Hat Wide Brim Beach Sun Hat with Neck Cord

Foxy Grey Embroidered Sun Hats for Women | Beach Accessories | Straw Hat | Floppy Hats for Women | Rose All Day, OS

I think this one will be great for our summer travels! Not to sure about the print on the bottom though.

HindaWi Sun Hat Sun Hats for Women Wide Brim UV Protection Summer Beach Packable Visor Black

What are your very favourites for outdoors/pool/beach season?

Happy first Friday in June, lovelies!

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  1. Puddle Jumpers save me because my littlest can be independent in the water! YAY for pool season! xoxo ERIN

  2. Pool fun is the best! I love those fun floats and the puddle jumpers are amazing for kids. We need to pick up an extra one for my younger son. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  3. You know I’m Going to need every single one of these items, lol! Happy Weekend!

  4. I told my sister she needs to stock up on pool floats!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I like the brim of that hat with the print on it, it's cute! Simon outgrew his puddle jumper, which we loved for a long time, but I'm not sure if it hindered his learning to swim!

  6. Totally agree on all of these- I always have a cooler by the pool ready for refreshments. I gotta check out those cups.

  7. All perfect for the pool. I love my pineapple float but the mermaid tail is super cute for the girls. The bluetooth speaker is also a must for some music and of course a nice refreshing cocktail! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

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