Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekending & TBB asks

Happy Monday friends! Here's what we were up to this weekend:

- a PD day for both kids on Friday which coincided with their TNT cousin being here. The kids played board games, watched TV and hung out

- We all went out for an early dinner- wings and a salad for the Keto girl LOL 

- There was a huge windstorm and our next door neighbour had a huge tree fall to the ground.

- Early morning spin class and grocery trip for Mama

- Our family friends came over for some dinner, drinks and play

- I made up an awesome halibut ceviche and I need to post the recipe ASAP

- The kids put on a show in our front yard :-)

- We watched Hidden Figures with the kids over two days. We all loved it! 

- Skating on Sundays for A and yoga at home for mama

- I made an awesome Trinidadian callaloo for lunch while D and the girls did some decluttering (ie D said "on the floor, out the door" and the girls scrambled to put things away.)

- We visited our niece in her new digs.

- Had turkey burgers at home followed by the rest of the movie and Little Big Shots and then D and I started watching the Magic Pill.

Here are just a 'few' pics:

See the fallen tree?!

Sidenote, we did not consume all these beverages but rather brought them up for the pretty shapes and the photo opp ;-)

My friend Jenn made these 'tacos' for the kids- oreos, frosting, sprinkles and candy for the win.

And a little tequila creme to end the night.

No pictures for a relaxing Sunday!

And now for some TBB asks  with The Blended Blog

1- Comedy all the way. I love to laugh
2- Fiction mostly but I've read some really great non fiction as well
3- A couple physician friends of mine scared me about bed bugs in dark movie theatres so I'd say at home.
4- Musical--- loooove to sing along
5- Dinner- so I can get dressed up, have multiple courses and a glass of wine all without being judged LOL
6- That's like asking me to choose my favourite child- I have so many hahah!! I've been rereading Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand yearly though.
7- Love a good game but a whole game night, I don't know.
8- My kids love airplane tag recently and I just love putting out my arms like an airplane.
9- Maybe grey's is my favourite TV series for the length of time I've been watching it. This season's writing has been on point and reminds me of the earlier years.
10- There were so many family friendly sitcoms growing up- now I can't think of ONE to watch with my young kids.
11- Bowling for sure though I suck at both.
12- I don't like the large markup at movie theatres so I usually sneak in a handful of chocolate covered almonds of my own. shhhhhh
13- Buttery-- but sadly I don't have it that way all the time anymore
14- I don't mind 3 D glasses. 
15- Love me some contemporary literature for a lighter read.

And now it's Monday again!

Linking up with Biana for weekending.


  1. Ugh...bed bugs in the theater. Eek. This was fun and glad you had a sweet weekend!!

  2. Blue Bistro is my all-time favorites of Elin H. Have a wonderful week, Sarita.

  3. Now you have us all scared of bed bugs in the theater!

  4. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! We'll need a recipe for your halibut! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Bed bugs - yeah I'm out for sure and not feeling bad about it at all. Love that you had a nice weekend! xo

  6. So much fun, except for the wind storm! No damage at our house though :)

  7. Those candy "tacos" were too adorable! I agree that it's so hard to pick a favorite book, that was the hardest question for me!

  8. bed bugs are my worst nightmare... it has never occurred to me that I could bring them home from the movies... guess it's good I don't get out much.
    Those candy tacos win the day! Seriously adorable

  9. Wings and a salad sound like a great option to me...also love the buttery popcorn!


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