Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekending--- the first one in December

This weekend was so fun but I am SO tired! I feel like I need a day to recover from all the happenings.

Friday, we headed out to a holiday dinner with D's department to this seafood restaurant in Burlington. Traffic was awful but fresh oysters, steamed crab legs and jumbo shrimp totally made up for it-- no foodie pictures though as #husbandscolleagues 

We did take a walk and checked out the beautiful christmas lights after though.

On Saturday, we headed out bright and early to about an hour away for Aaron's 4th birthday party- a movie party. While the kids and D watched Moana, Mama did a little shopping in the attached mall. Gymboree sale, BBW candles and some kid stocking stuffers for the win! When we were done, we headed to Aaron's party #2 at his home with all his family. After a couple hours there, we were en route again, this time to party #3 at our friend Jo's house. and fun chatting with friends we hadn't seen in a while. We didn't leave too late though and put the kiddos in their pjs to come home as Sunday was an early one.

Bright and early on Sunday, we woke up, slicked back hair  and put makeup on a wiggly, giggly four year old for her little Christmas recital. 

They did "sleigh bells" and brought the house down with their cuteness and being an overall hot mess.

Santa visited after and the crowd went wild!
We headed to brunch after and then made our way to our city square for a German Christkindl market. 
The girls loved shopping for live entertainment, little handmade treats and goodies. 

  This little lady took her time choosing her four finger puppets. (The other one saved her money to go to Michael's instead)

The girls rolled their own maple taffy! VERY cool experience.

 (PS- C isn't wearing glasses for real- she got some 3d glasses from the movie, punched out the lenses and used them for the rest of the weekend)

Three out of the four of us napped when we came home, tidied up a bit and we all had fried chicken for dinner.... oh and salad :-)

Happy Monday, friends!
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  1. You guys did a little bit of everything this weekend!! The dinner on friday night sounds like a lot of fun!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. How fun! You are so beautiful, you have the best skin girl! I hope it's a great week ahead

  3. I love Christmas markets...this makes me wish we lived in a bigger city

  4. What a busy, but perfect, weekend. The Christmas market looks like so much fun we dont have anything like that around here.

  5. No wonder you are tired! Sounds like you guys had a fun and busy weekend! :)

  6. Wow sounds like a busy weekend! Your girls in their matching outfits are so darn cute! And yay for getting out to see the Christmas lights after the work party! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. haha, oh and salad, love it :) Wow that's a lot of parties for one Saturday, I'm tried just reading about it, hehe :)

  8. Sounds like a fun holiday weekend, and it's only the beginning :)


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