Thursday, December 8, 2016

Let's Talk Christmas ... with Deena

Don't you just love knowing about what other people do for the holiday season. Today on "Christmas Talk",  I have the fabulous Deena from Shoes to Shiraz. She's a fellow Canadian blogger with an amazing sense of style, fun one liners, delicious recipes and beautiful videos. I just know that in real life, we'd be friends!

(the comments in parenthesis below are mine) 

Best childhood holiday memory

 I lived for the music at la messe de minuit on Christmas Eve. We would go back to the small town my mom grew up in and sing with her choir, some french and some english songs.  Music became an important part of my Christmas memories from a young age.

(such a cool pic, those bows are totally making a comeback) 

At holiday parties, I sip on...

At holiday parties, I sip on all the drinks. Just kidding. I rarely go to holiday parties.  Seriously.  I’m more of a cuddle up by my tree and fire with my hubby type of gal. During which I have a glass of red in hand, obviously.

(this surprised me Deena. With your one lines, I'm thinking you'd be the life of the party. Yay for red wine)

How do you entertain over the holiday season?  

We alternate celebrating Christmas on Christmas day with my husband’s family, that way we’re not feeling rushed out anywhere and can truly enjoy our time at once place.  On alternate Christmas’ we usually celebrate the weekend before or over New Year’s Eve weekend.

 What are your holiday decorating secrets/tips?

I methodically attack the decorating.  One weekend I take down all the fall decor and prep the house, get out the Christmas stuff and put up the tree.  Another weekend for decorating the tree and then there’s usually just a few things to tidy up after that.  Also, I keep a rotation of pictures in my frames so that I can swap out summer or fall pictures with something for Christmas and then winter.

(I'm totally crushing on that rug. And that's a great tip about rotating pictures in the frames!)

What’s your current favourite holiday tradition? 

Definitely our Christmas village: we acquire a new piece with each wedding anniversary (Dec 27)….the village will soon be a city. Eek. You can read my blog post on it here.
(Wow, that thing will be worth millions someday!)

What’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day like in your house? 

Tasty, cozy, full of laughter and smiles.  

Just the way it should be! Thanks for posting, Deena!

You can read Beth's  Christmas post here and mine here.


  1. Love Deena and I totally agree she totally seems like a life of the party kind of gal. Also I am so jealous of her husbands Christmas village idea. I wish we had done that.

    1. I am more when I'm with my people. But with strangers I'm an awkward introvert :)

  2. I love the Christmas village idea, so fun. Wish me and the hubby had something like that. Loved reading about your Christmas time Deena

  3. Aw, thanks for featuring me, Sarita. I totally agree- we'd definitely be friends.

  4. I'd rather be snuggled up with hot chocolate, a Christmas movie and a family decorated tree. Like you, I agrre, there is something about just being at home :)

  5. Love getting glimpses into other people's holiday traditions! What a fun post.


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