Thursday, December 1, 2016

Let's Talk Christmas-- with Beth!

Today, I have the beautiful Beth (on the outside AND inside)  from Our Pretty Little Girls talking about all things Christmas! Beth is a fellow two-girl mom and her blog is filled with recipes, crafting, faith, fitness and fun.... a girl after my own heart-- except for the crafting. #cantevenbegin

Oh and she takes the most lovely pictures. I'm guessing she doesn't use an iphone like I do :-)

(The comments in brackets are totally my own of the peanut gallery variety. )

What's your best childhood holiday memory?

When I was around 8 we were driving around looking at lights on Christmas Eve when I saw what I swore was Rudolphs nose up in the sky. I totally panicked and was so upset insisting that we had to get home immediately so I could go to sleep. I've never forgotten that moment. Christmas is so magical with children. I love that my girls still believe in Santa and I am trying to soak it up because I know we don't have much longer. 

(Awesome, magical kid story. My girls still believe in Santa-- at least until next year too. LOTS of questions are coming in) 


At holiday parties, I sip on...

Red wine or mulled cider depending on what kind of party it is ;). 


What's your ideal host/hostess gift?

You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine, a nice bag of coffee, or a candle. 

(How) do you entertain over the holiday season?

We currently don't have a large party, although that is something I would love to make a tradition at some point, but we do celebrate with friends. For the past several years we've had an annual Polar Express viewing with some dear friends of ours. The evening consists of soup, hot chocolate and cookies, lots of laughs, and watching the movie together.

(a kid movie viewing?!what an awesome tradition, I might have to copy!)

What are your holiday decorating secrets/tips

I think I am best known for having lots of Christmas trees since the current number in our home is 6. I also love lots of lights in the living areas. There is just something so magical about curling up on the couch to watch a Christmas show in the glow of the lights with a warm fire. However I was once told by a decorating pro that the secret is lots of glittery, shiny items to catch all of the light. I've been slowly working on adding more sparkle around our home.

(6 trees?! I take sooo long to do just one. Great tip with the sparkle!)

What's your current favourite holiday tradition?

It feels impossible to only pick one because we have SO many. Our North Pole Breakfast, decorating gingerbread houses, looking at lights, Christmas pj's, and Bob our elf, just to name a few. But I think my favorite has to be attending Christmas Eve service as a family. I look forward to doing that every single year and it feels like the peak of all the Christmas anticipation.

 (that is a beautiful picture of your girls)

What's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day like in your house?

Besides attending service things really change from year to year. But, we always make sure to have a slow morning at home with just our girls and I almost always make homemade cinnamon rolls.

(Yay for slow Christmas mornings. We do the same.)
Thanks for playing along, Beth. Wishing you and your family a merry everything!
You can read my answers to the same questions here.


  1. What a fun question and answer post. I love all things Christmas!!! :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Beth! She is definitely Mrs Christmas!

  3. Yay Beth!! Six trees is pretty insane (I can barely get one up), and more glitter is always good! Also #wineforthewin

  4. Beth is so adorable! What a fun idea to have this little interview.


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