Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Memories past

Such a magical time of year and so very many memories of seasons past! How can I choose just one? That would be like asking me to choose a favourite child--- the answer to which is sometimes it's one, sometimes the other.... kidding kinda

So I thought I'd break it up into favourite memories from all the different times in my life. Oh but the pics are those of my cute kids.

My first brother and I had stopped believing in the big man so of course the little one (he was about 7 or 8) stopped as well. We thought that the little one should still believe as (in our nine-ten year old experience) he was too young not to so we set off to convince him that there was a Santa Claus. My older brother and I whispered to each other about our plans for hours and set about having long conversations with the little one to convince him. We then made up a stocking for him (and ourselves since stockings weren't a big thing in the islands then) with treats, crafts, mixed nuts and an assortment of random items. My baby brother was so happy Christmas morning. It was so much excitement for all of us and we loved the giving so, so much. Looking back, I'm not sure where my parents were in all of this. 

My mom used to work most Christmas evenings (she's a nurse) and though Christmas was always happy, it kinda gave me the sads to not have her around most Christmas evenings- girls need their mamas around. In my later teen years and well into my twenties, my friends would show up on Christmas night and we'd just have a good time exchanging presents, snacking and eating my dad's awesome Christmas cooking. I remember it being so full of laughter and cheer and perhaps that's when my love of entertaining began!

My first Christmas in Canada was a white one-- no snow on Christmas Eve but SO much Christmas morning. It was awesome! 
Since having kids though, every.single.Christmas is special with them. They add so much joy, giggled and excitement to the season. Their wonder when staring at Christmas lights, having a cookie or playing with their toys-- it's the stuff the season is made of!!

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  1. Haha, love that you and your brother felt the need to convince your younger brother of Santa. How sweet

  2. How sweet of you and your brother! Shows what kind of heart you have dear one because a lot of kids would have been doing just the opposite. I laughed that you wondered where your parents were...so many of my childhood memories with my brother are this way!! And I definitely agree...Christmas with kids is just magical. Thanks so much for linking up with us! Means so much!

  3. I can just imagine your joy waking up to snow that first Canadian Christmas.

  4. Such fun memories friend. I loved that you two wanted your brother to believe in Santa. All kids should until they are at least 10, right?! Snow on Christmas is the absolute best. So fun that it was your first in Canada.

  5. OH goodness, I love that you did a memory from each stage of life. I agree having kids makes Christmas so magical.

  6. Aw, I just love that final picture of your kids! Fun memories and I think it is so sweet that you and your brother worked so hard to make sure your younger brothers still believed.

  7. Aww... what a sweet thing you guys did for your brother. And Christmas with kids is just the best! :)


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