Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's Up Wednesday- November 2016

So much to talk about. Let's get into it!

What we're eating this week?

Monday: tacos with slow cooker chicken, black beans and corn
Tuesday: Chinese corn soup
Wednesday: Burrito bowls using the slow cooker chicken with some rice and veggies.
Thursday: American Thanksgiving- even though we're Canadian, out of respect/just for fun, I'm doing a turkey and some fixings for dinner and inviting a friend and her family over.
Friday: dinner at a friend's house

What I'm reminiscing about

Christmas seasons past. Christmases here, the season back in Trinidad. Like most of the populace, I adore this time of year.

What I'm loving

Quite a few things, friends:
+That Christmas is coming soon!!!
+Slow cooker meals. LOVE the time saving.
 This slow cooker coconut curry chicken I posted about yesterday was awesome

+How Anjali wants to read ALL the time and brings her book bright and early on a weekend to read!!!
+Our Chromecast--- Google Play and Netflix on TV, yes please.
+ We've discovered PC Cooking classes for kids and signed some of us up for a couple  classes in December!

  What we've been up to…
  Getting ready for the happiest season of all- spending time together, consuming sugar, decorating, a bit of online shopping and organising our festive season. Oh and life: school, work, extra curricular, semi clean eating most days ;-P

We decorated on Saturday for a break and took a little break

Later that evening, D and I had an adult treat. #boozy eggnog.
 D's cousin bought her a lavender marshmallow (A chose it!?) and she lapped it up!!

What I'm dreading…

It is SO cold and only getting colder and the Farmer's Almanac does NOT predict good things for this winter. I totally dread my walk to pick C up but then I think of last year when I would have to lug a sometimes sleeping and very reluctant three year old into sub zero weather with me and think that yes, it could be worse.

What I'm working on

+ Decorating my house slowly for the season! 

A certain four year old promptly opened every single door in the Advent calendar to see if Santa left anything and a certain 7 year old quickly closed them back

+ Doing Christmas boxes for children and a local women's shelter. I've even roped asked my neighbours and friends to help donate items so I think we'll amass quite the stash

 + Getting stuff ready for our visit to sweet TNT
+ Working on problem solving with my seven year old and patience with my four year old. 
+Our Christmas cards. My friend Andrea did a little shoot with them the other day and here's just one of her beautiful pics!


What I'm excited about…

My new nephew/niece comes in a few days!!!!!!
D has also asked for some quiet time this season for just us four. My kids are at such a fun age. I am so excited for the season with them. 

And Trinidad right after Christmas to visit family and friends and my new family.  I cannot wait!

What I'm watching/reading…

Our book club is discussing The Girl with The Pearl Earring and I love it. Such a quick read but great book detailing a fictional account of the Johann Vermeer painting and it's origin. I've also reread the Winter Stroll and read Winter Storm-- two holiday books by Elin Hilderbrand. Captivating trilogy about the Quinn Family!
I've also finished Downton Abbey Season 5. Netflix only goes so far so I'm waiting for Season 6 from a friend of mine.

What I'm listening to..

Christmas carols all.the.time. Google play at home and I finally found a radio station that's playing Christmas music for pick ups and drop offs.
And EfX Radio-- this Trinidadian radio app with music streaming from the islands. 

What I'm wearing…

My Barefoot dreams cardigan at home!  I've even busted my down jacket and cardy-uggs out on some especially cold days. And scarves, gloves and winter head bands. Brrrr.....

What I'm doing this weekend…

I signed Cassia up for a kid's cooking class and she is going with some family/friends of ours while we go to dinner at their house. Saturday is a carriage ride through town and some time with Santa.  And on Sunday, we have a kid's Christmas party to go to. And the tree is going up for sure!

What I'm looking forward to next month..

Christmas and Trinidad :-). It will be a busy month but Darin has also asked for some quiet days with just us four doing our own little Christmas things.

What else is new?
Not a whole lot else!

What's my favourite Thanksgiving tradition?

In Canada we celebrate in October (the US Columbus Day) but it has to be the delicious meal and family time we spend together giving thanks for a wonderful summer that just passed. 

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  1. So much to love. I love that you are celebrating American Thanksgiving. I should start celebrating Canadia Thanksgiving 😆. Those cooking classes sound like a lot of fun too!

  2. So much to love. I love that you are celebrating American Thanksgiving. I should start celebrating Canadia Thanksgiving 😆. Those cooking classes sound like a lot of fun too!

  3. Silly Farmer's Almanac..that's all everyone talks about over here. Bah. I hope our winter is not as cold as they predict.

  4. So much to love and be thankful for! Yessss to slow cooker meals and boozy eggnog - YUM! Have a wonderful holiday weekend <3
    Green Fashionista


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