Thursday, November 17, 2016

Three Things- Family

Playing family catch up, here are three totally random things about each of us in this house of ours.


1- C's violin teacher switched her from Suzuki to actually reading the music and it's like a lightbulb actually switched on in her little seven year old head. Girlfriend can actually play-- and some good notes too.... and practicing most evenings!
2 - One thing we have to work on though her perfectionism. She hates to lose at something or is scared to try new things for fear of not being good at it. As a result, she is not a fan of trying new sports, activities or playing board games. Girl is missing out on lots of fun! We're thinking we need to get a team sport in there soon.
3 -  Someone is starting to question Santa Claus and the logistics especially when there are naysayer friends around. I think I've managed to keep it at bay at least for this year. In any case, she's either asking for a metal slinky or pokeman cards so we can afford said presents even if Santa doesn't get them.


1 - We deliberately didn't do too much extra curricular with A as she was starting full time school but still decided to throw dance in there as she is a little obsessed with shaking her teeny hips. She is in love with her little dance class and teacher!
2 - Since she turned four I've started her on reading with the same book that C became a super star reader with at four. Slow and steady wins the race and she is slooooowly getting there with three and some four letter words! But she asks SO many questions-- like why is the cat fat or why does tom have to sit?
3-For some reason, girlfriend can't handle jeans. Actually, I totally get it. Just like her mama, she like leggings, dresses or more comfy pants!
1- D's new love is hummus. Seriously, I buy those individual containers at Costco and he has one almost every single day with some veggies. There could totally be worse things for him, I know.... like the Mr. Big bars he's also an affinity for!
2 -Just when I'm finished Friday Night Lights D has started watching it, either on the elliptical or some nights on the iPad. He's not as obsessed as I was but we often get into impassioned chats about Lyla, Tim and Jason Street. #teamtimla
3 - The girls and D usually do bed time and tuck in together. He might or might not fall asleep at the same time some nights and then be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 11 pm. When he's not home in time of course I do it... apparently I don't do it as well though as nicknames like poopsie and abutment are used. He is totally the more fun parent.

-My back is a bit better (cue the slow clap). Taking it easy at the gym still but other than that, we are good to go :-)
- Downton Abbey Season 5 is almost done on Netflix! There will for sure be some withdrawal later. 
- Despite all the working out, I'm totally dominating the Halloween candy my kids got. It doesn't help that my neighbourhood gave out lots of full sized bars. Someone take them out of my house please!

That's all for now! Happy Thursday.


  1. Yay for your back being better. Have y'all tried black bean hummus? I LOVE that stuff. Can't get enough of it. Emily can't handle the jeans either. Probably because I have to cinch them in SO much to keep them up :P.

  2. We go through those little hummus minis like crazy here, but also those mini greek yogurt guacamoles from Costco. yum!

  3. So good A is coming along with the reading. We are not excelling in the reading department over here. I'm hoping it will fall into place at some point but I think I need to help out a bit more. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Way to go C on the violin!! And great job with the reading A! I totally get the comfy pants over jeans and Ez is the exact same way. Hoping your back makes a full recovery soon.

  5. I'm glad you are in the mend. As for the candy...we still have way too much here as well. It looks like your beautiful family is doing well. I like the idea of this type of post. I may have to borrow it :)

  6. Your girls are just adorable. Their personalities are so on track with the oldest and youngest birth order! Hope you girls have a super weekend.


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