Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Goals

First off, let's recap October's goals...


-get in a workout at least 5 days weekly
- try different muscle training exercises- muscle memory is real, friends!
Done (some weeks even six days) and done except for the last day of October when I hurt my back so badly I could barely walk much less work out.


-continue our eating clean and loosely following the 21 day fix meal plan about 80% of the time
- try to lose at least 3 more lbs this month. (recap coming soon) 
Well, we are still eating clean except for the plethora of candy we have in our house so kind of! 
And I lost about 2.4 lbs so boo!


-do at least 3 posts weekly
- post more actively on my facebook page- truth be told, I've avoided it not to become one of those people you get fed up of seeing on your main page so let's see...


- finish the kitchen re-org and one other room (TBD)
- unpack my wedding china (!!!)
- take all the extra stuff to the donation centre
Almost, almost done the kitchen- Like 1 hour of work again.


- Sign C up for skiing this winter
- Visit a pumpkin patch
Get the kids more involved in our Canadian Thanksgiving celebration.
We totally didn't do the pumpkin patch this year (our plans got rained out) but got at least a good pumpkin picture at the apple farm. 
The kids loved thanksgiving that's for sure and they read a Thanksgiving book and ate pumpkin pie. Does that count?
+ Family:
- Make some pumpkin treats together
- Do a Divali craft
- Pumpkin carving time
- Halloween decorating!

+ Me:
- Read at least one book
- Girls' day trip for shopping and a show.
I read the House on Mango Street for my book club and man oh man, that wasn't a popular choice! None of us got it.

So a pretty good month goal wise for my first time, no?

Now onto November. A few little goals for this awesome month!

Fitness and Diet

- Get my back working again and take it easy re: working out until I'm all healed 
(this is easier said than done for me)
- Don't eat all my kid's Halloween candy
- Lose 2-3 more lbs (closely, correlated to above candy consumption. Let's see friends, let's see)

+ 3-4 posts weekly
+ Post my Sonoma vacation recap

+ Hello and welcome Christmas. Start the decorating!
+ Do a mini American Thanksgiving celebration (I have tons of American family after all)
+ Clean out the kids' learning cupboard and their junk drawers (I'm getting scared to open them)
+ Organise our mud room

+ Family pictures and cards need to get scheduled and done.  
+ Start family shopping for our trip to TNT.
+ Enjoy Great Wolf Lodge
+ Read two books
+ Begin to pack for our trip to Trinidad
+Organise my annual girls' night in
+ Enjoy a mini getaway with two lovely ladies.

What about you? Any great plans for this month?


  1. 2.4lbs is good! I need to start working on a picture for our Christmas card's all going so fast!

  2. Pounds lost are pounds lost girl! Way to go. I love that one of your goals for this month is to not eat all your kids' candy... but really...that's a good goal...

  3. You did so great last month and since the apple orchard had a pumpkin patch I say you can TOTALLY go ahead and cross that one off ;). Praying your back gets better soon friend.

  4. You did awesome fitting in a workout 5-6 days a week. I really need to! And I need to up my blog posts as well. I've been slacking. Hope your back gets better soon! xo

  5. Man I'd love to do a Sonoma trip! Have so much fun! And I think 2.4lbs is great! Good job! Girls night in...great idea! I need to get my friends together for one :)

  6. Wow I'm so impressed with all your goal achievements! You rocked October and I'm sure November will be just as good. Sounds like lots of fun trips and ladies nights are planned. How fun!

  7. I really need to be logging 5 days a week of a "real" workout but have onl managed 3-4 times a week. I really just will not go if I don't go at 5:30am and it's just hard every single morning to make myself. We finally got our family pictures done this past weekend but it will be a bit before I get them back...I'll be anxiously waiting for them and can't wait to create cards. It's so one of my fave things each year to share! Keep up the healthy living!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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