Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekending Fun

Such an awesome weekend filled with friends and fun. Here's a bit of what we were up to:

+ Had Friday dinner, awesome apple crisp and a super long playdate with A's BFF, Raven. Despite some toys and pumpkins and casual injuries, a good time was had by all.

+ Woke up bright and early on Saturday for our girls' outing to Buffalo with my friend Jenn and her sister. Target, Trader Joe and Nordstrom Rack were a few of our favourite stops. Got some fabulous finds for our little fashionistas-- pewter boots, shooties, leg warmers and a moto jacket for the win.

+ We came back to have appies for dinner and then go to see the musical "Footloose" at our local theatre.  A wonderful performance with some amazing talent. 

+ On Sunday morning, we had a family breakfast and the girls thought it was Christmas morning with their Splashings (Shopkins are so last season!)

+ We went to A's friend's 5th birthday party-- a mermaid party with actual mermaid costumes to swim in! Some little girls' dreams came true.

+ We then headed to the after party at their house after for drinks, appies and a Portuguese dinner. 

One of those weekends when nothing at home got done, I might be coming down with something, I have half of a book to read before my bookclub on Wednesday but loads of fun was had by all!

Happy Monday, lovies!
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  1. Oh what I would give to be having that kind of fun!I seriously need a girls' outing.

  2. That mermaid photo was so stinking cute. I can't even imagine how tricky that must have been though. Sounds like you guys had another amazing weekend!

  3. What a perfect weekend! I remember we used to have to pretend we had a mermaid tail. A tad bit jealous they got the real thing ;) What a great party idea.


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