Tuesday, October 18, 2016

All about me...

From time to time, I link up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. This prompt about what  makes you, you, your nicknames, your phobias, quirks has to be one of the cooler ones. Buckle up kids, I've got lots to share!


My nicknames are few and far between.  My grandma (who has a nickname for each of her grandkids) and Uncle call me Sweetie. Grandma also calls me Queen Victoria--- no idea why? Maybe I loved to play dress up as a kid?! And D used to call me Scrappy--- as in Scrappy Doo because when we started dating I would talk his ear off. Oh and he calls me Sarits too.


I am so scared of cats. Like terrified. It was worse when I was younger but I'm still not a fan. I think they look at you weird. 

Even to post this picture scares me!
Big toads also freak me out. 

I'm scared of wearing stilettos again, since I kind of blame them for my broken collarbone

Quirks/What makes me, me?

I have a four letter "f" word I can't stand-- and it's not the one you're thinking of-- although I don't care for that one too. I don't like the f word associated with passing gas--- I really, really don't. It's my f word.

I can't handle chipped nail polish at all!!! Especially dark colours.

I don't like washing dishes. I mean, I do it every.single.day but I don't care for it. I can cook up a storm, I pack a mean dishwasher and I can tidy up everywhere after but dishes I could pass on. I wear gloves most of the times when I do. I  think it's because I want my manicure to last longer or my hands not to get 'old'-- I dunno.

I am a girl mom and so proud of it. I've wanted it for my entire life. It irks me when people want me to 'try for the boy.' Like seriously irks me. I always say something.

I always have appies and wine in my house in case someone pops by for an unexpected visit.

I must make my bed every morning. You know what they say-- the state of your bed is the state of your head. I mean the rest of the house could be a total mess but my bed?! No way!!! Apparently it's a good thing that I do.

I don't say 'when I used to work' even when I was totally a SAHM. I instead say 'when I was in the corporate world". I think mamas work SO hard.

I rarely wear sweats even at home or pajamas all day to lounge around in. I feel so much better when I'm ready for the day-- even if it's in leggings and a simple tunic. Even as babies, I used to dress up my kids in something other than sleepers lots of the time. My logic was that I'm not in my pajamas all day, why should my kids be?

Yep, that's quite a few quirks, huh? What about you?  Are you as weird as I am? :-)


  1. When I was in the corporate world, LOVE it. I always feel like a bum when I say when I used to work. I work ten times harder now easily. I am not a cat fan either. I have met some pretty evil cats. Fist bump for being girl moms. Even if you promised me a boy.... ummmm, no thank you. Our family is complete and perfect just the way it is.

  2. Love your new version of What I Worked. Also...I should keep appies around, feels like we always have company!

  3. I am terrified of cats too!! My in-laws have one and I'm terrified every time we're there! Someone has to check the bedroom and under the bed before we go to bed to make sure it's not in there!


  4. I love these! I wish I made my bed every morning. I've just accepted that'll never happen for me.

  5. Cat's don't scare me, they just freak me out a bit. They're like people and are always watching. I like them when they're babies, but that's it lol. I wish I was like you and dress pretty all the time. I'm just a sweats kind of girl lol. Happy Tuesday Pretty Lady <3


  6. Totally with you on the cat thing!

  7. I love having my bed made first thing in the morning. And I'm with you on not wanting to wear sweats or pajamas during the day. I don't think I'd feel as motivated. Plus I'd constantly be changing to run back into town or whatever else I needed to do. Fun post! I'll have to write one someday.

  8. Hi Sarita! I'm new to your blog, so just dropping in to say hello :) Great to meet you!

    Xo, Katie
    Willow + White

  9. I despise cats and am glad someone else does too! All of my friends love them, but they majorly freak me out!! 😀

  10. lol @ Queen Victoria. My grandmother had some interesting nicknames for me as well. Ugh I hate toads and frogs or anything of that nature...and there's so many of them around here!

  11. Love the coporate world comeback, SAHM's work so darn hard! And I'm with you on dressing the kids, I don't think my kids ever not get dressed, unless they are super sick, then I'll let it pass, hehe.

  12. Awww, that kitty just wants his neck scratched. Or to claw your jugular out. One or the other ;) You are soooo put together! The state of my head must be a very disorganized place. Actually, come to think of it, that's pretty accurate.

  13. I totally just feel better and am more productive when I get dressed. Totally cracking up on your nicknames.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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