Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's up Wednesday, August 2016.

It's the last week at home before school starts here in Canada and here's what's up on this Wednesday!

What we're eating this week?
Weekend leftovers, soups, sandwiches--- lots of easy and just a few summer snacks. Come September, there will be some serious clean eating in this house but this week , we're enjoying a few summer treats. This week, homemade vanilla ice-cream!

What I'm reminiscing about
A wonderful summer past.... how did the time fly so?!

What I'm loving
The last few lazy summer days with pool time, TV watching, play dates and summer evening impromptu get togethers
 All the Napa pictures I'm sifting through to post. 
That my kids are swimming much better since summer's start. Our 17 yo swimming instructor rocks!!

What we've been up to…
After Napa and NYC, we're enjoying a few home days before the routine starts again. Playdates, pool days, TV wind down time time outside and lots of fun!!! We also camped out with our friends in the backyard this past weekend.... I used the word 'camp' very loosely as we had both dinner and breakfast back at the house. We basically, built a fire, snacked and slept outdoors. 

This week, D has started waking the girls up earlier so that they can slowly adjust to school timing--- he might have to start waking me up too ;-)

What I'm dreading…
Even though I think it's about time to start back that routine, I'm going to miss my babies and with routine means balanced school lunches (now I pack three)  and back to school activities. And this island girl loves the warm weather so I'm not looking forward to cooler temps too much!

What I'm working on
Getting the girls organised for school while squeezing out droplets of fun out of the last days of summer.


What I'm excited about…
Not a whole lot to be honest... Don't get me wrong, life is wonderful but nothing too exciting coming up!

What I'm watching/reading…
I've read tons this summer and need to get a book recap done soon. I'm currently rereading What Remains by Carole Radziwill for my new neighbourhood book-club. And I'm very guiltily watching BIP... oh and  Friday Night Lights when I'm cleaning.

What I'm listening to..
Cheap Thrills  or as my four year old calls it -- fontena (fun tonight).

What I'm wearing…
Swing dresses have been my go-to this summer... oh and workout clothes. Even though I'm not going to the gym while the girls are home, I'm forcing myself to put on my exercise gear first thing in the am to force myself to do a quick workout.

What I'm doing this weekend…
D has the day off on Friday so we're heading off to the Sandbanks (a beautiful Ontario beach) to overnight at a cottage his cousin rented.  We come back on Saturday and may grab dinner in the city. Sunday, we have family/friends over for a pool day and Monday we have our back to school dinner!

What I'm looking forward to next month..
Starting back a more intense workout schedule. I need to get stronger again!!
A few more pool days before the temperatures cool down
With the girls back in school, many of the rooms in this house need a total overhaul. Week by week, project by project all the while Friday Night Lights playing in the background :-) 

What else is new?
I did my final appointment at the fracture clinic this week and guess what? I seems like I'm healed. He's very pleased with how things are looking and I don't have to go back! Yay, me and my bones!!!

What are your favourite fall transitional pieces?
I love summer dresses that I can just throw a blazer or a cardigan over! And a cloth scarf is always good to warm up my neck even with sleeveless tops or short sleeve outfits. 

(PS. some of the amazing photos are from my friend Andrea, a new photographer. If you're in the GTA, she's your girl) 

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  1. YAY! So happy to hear everything healed up well and just in time to really get back to the gym. Your idea of camping sounds like complete perfection if you ask me.

  2. We will be crossing paths this weekend, we are headed west to Lake Huron, and you're going east. Enjoy Sandbanks, we love it there!
    Glad to hear you're healed.
    Would love the name of your photographer friend!

  3. Yay for you healing! I hate when Summer is over too, we're in our second week of school and back into the grind and I miss the laid back Summer!

  4. Thanks Sarah! I'm excited to head there. Her name is Andrea and her email is

  5. I was feeling guilty about BIP too but it's too hard not to watch. I started Friday Night Lights but can't get past episode 1...does it get better?

  6. I too am watching BIP. It's too funny for me not to watch. I just can't understand why people say and do what they do. Ha! That last picture of you... gorgeous!


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