Thursday, August 11, 2016

10 on 10

Ten random pictures on the tenth day of the month....

All packed up and ready to go to their last summer camp (C had 3 and A had 2). This week it's gymnastics.

I'm slowly making my way back to the gym after I broke my collarbone and when it's spin day, I take my cycling shoes too--- once you get cycling shoes, wearing regular runners for spin class feels like you're running barefoot.

Headed out to do a couple errands and stopped into the LCBO. My neighbour and I are splitting a case of one of our favourite wines as it's $3 per bottle. #winosunite

My old manager and I met up for a lovely lunch. We see each other about once a year and it's always a good time and great conversation. My arm is in the back of me but in the shadows so I look twice my size-- eeekk!!

Ontario corn is in full swing so I picked up a few for dinner tomorrow. #cornonthecobkiddies

A skips naps when she goes to camp so she is NOT happy and often very cranky. This was after asking for milk, apples and cookies and being told no, it's too close to dinner.

Daddy's welcome when he comes home is always epic!

Summer's ending so we are squeezing as much pool time as possible. Today was a scorcher.

And then some popcorn, apples and apple cider for my peeps while watching the Olympics. Just because.....

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  1. Oyster Bsy Sauv Blanc! A girl after my own heart!

  2. Such a great day friend. I often get those looks when my little girls are told its too close to dinner too. That pool picture is fantastic. Love the sunbeams.

  3. Enjoy those pool days and that wine - that price really can't be beat! xx

  4. I'm STILL in envious awe over your poil. I'm glad you guys are fitting in plenty of together time. I started back to work this week and I'm already missing my babes like crazy.

  5. I love that I'm seeing Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc on this post!!! I LOVE that wine!!!


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