Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Our Skater of the Year

Yeah, I'm going to be that mom--- you know, the one we all hate love. 

C has had a long and somewhat tumultuous relationship with skating. She started at three but was super scared of falling and was always at the back of the 'bus', very gingerly skating her way through and falling lots. Yep, there were some tears and stories (and stories about tears). We kept at it that year but I've got to say- everytime we took her, our little hearts would break for our little girl. 

At four it got a bit better. She was still very slow but she conquered her fear of falling. But she didn't absolutely love it and it still wasn't my favourite thing to take her to so D did most of it. (he still does most of the skate chaperoning as I do most of the others)

Then this year, we decided to sign her up for back to back lessons both Fall and Winter at a new school/arena to get this skating business done once and for all. Maybe it's the age, maybe it's the muscle development, maybe it's the school but man, she really took off. They promoted her to the 'big kid' class in the winter and she loved it!! 

And then on Sunday, she got her first award-- ever! We went into the award ceremony thinking they were giving all or lots of kids the awards - like they tend to do nowadays--- but no! It was just the five kids out of about 100!

We are so, so proud of our little skater. Like the little engine that could, she got over her fear of skating and with quiet determination chugged and chugged until she finally could. I would watch her on the ice and smile watching her very carefully and slowly getting it done.

The teeniest one of the bunch

Her little award- She is so pleased
(I cropped out her full name-- internet crazies are no joke)

(Sidenote, she's now a better skater than both her parents (we're from the islands, I can't skate at all and I've decided not to learn because of my back, so wish I could though)

Also, I'm guest-posting over at Happily Ever Mock today. Come check out sweet Kelly and adorable Hallie's blog! You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling!

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  1. So fun! I used to take lessons! I can't wait to watch Hallie do those fun things....but I sort of can! Thanks for doing my guest post today!

  2. I always wished I learned how to ice skate but lack of ice in California ruined any dreams I had ;) She is too cute!

  3. oh gosh I love that she got an award that was actually special!!! That is awesome. I haven't been ice skating in ages. We do have a place here, but I definitely am no good at it.

  4. Congrats, she is a real trooper, learning to ride the bicycle, dance recitals, violin, and now this, we are all so proud of you, C, keep up the great work, but I think you parents did a good job encouraging her and making sure she follow the right path., so congratulations to all of you!!!! Good job.!!!!!

  5. You should totally be that mom! Way to go girly!!! This is so awesome.


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