Friday, June 19, 2015

Goodbye Kindergarten

And she learnt so very much more!

This might be one of those #sorrynotsorry #favouritenotfavourite posts. My sweet girl graduated this week and there were some  tears, some very special smiles and some proud moments--- all mine of course.

Here's her last day at school in pictures

(but first, here's her first day of school here)

And her last

Her first 'job'

One of her lasts. She's made so many friends!

I sneaked off to A's class to watch her circle time as well.

I was a parent volunteer for the bowling- their little activity of the day. There was bowling, dancing and lots of glow in the dark shaking. 

Then back to A's class where she said goodbye to her teachers. We will miss them so much.

During the graduation ceremony. Cassia had a 'line' in the poem. She was the only kid to do a very large curtsy after. 

And she's graduated!

Before we left, this teacher gave Cassia the biggest hug and told her it was such a pleasure to teach her and watch her learn. She then said to me that there are some children who especially touch your heart and she really enjoyed watching Cassia learn and work so hard. I might have brought out the mama tears around then. 

The graduating class of 2027!
(well 4 of them anyways)

And then it was time for some celebratory pasta. 

Followed by a little celebratory balancing. 

And finally a little downtime, snuggles and chats about summer plans.

And just 'cause, here was the first morning of school

And the last!

We are so proud of our grown up girl. Proud of how much she's learnt and grown. And most of all love that she has blossomed into a happy, cheerful, kind, well-adjusted kid. We're so excited for what the future holds for her!

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  1. Why must they grow so fast?! Congrats on graduating!

  2. What a fun day! Congrats to your little graduate! I love glow in the dark bowling, what a fun activity for the graduates! Your girls are so adorable!

  3. Congrats to your kindergarten graduate!! Woohoo! Love those fun first and last morning of school snapshots! :) Wishing you all a fun summertime!!

  4. So adorable! Congratulations and happy graduation to your sweet little girl. Love the first day and last pictures. Will have to keep that in mind for the future. Winks and Eyerolls

  5. Such a cutie! Congrats to her on graduating :-D

  6. Oh goodness she just matured before my eyes. Congratulations to the graduate!

  7. Congrats Cas, I'm sure it was bittersweet for you guys, the end of kindergarten where she showed her leadership, artistic personality but the beginning of elementary which will be different in many ways but she will continue to grow positively, once again we are all so very proud of you my sweet child, keep up the great job!!!!

  8. ahh so sweet. They grow up so much in a school year. I love the before and afters. Or the then and nows. Congratulations on your graduate!! Such a sweet thing for the teacher to say as well.

  9. So sweet! I love what the teacher said, that would've brought tears to my eyes too.

  10. The area that I grew up in Los Angeles, I could honestly say that I was lucky to find such a good Phoenix preschool for my daughter. I had quite a head ache when I realized I had to enroll my child in a daycare.


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