Thursday, June 11, 2015

A day in the life

 I haven't done one of these in such a long while but these are the last few days of school before the summer fun begins. And next year will be two different drop-offs and pick-ups… Basically life will never be the same again so I wanted to capture these memories….

(Hold on folks, this is a serious picture overload.)

Rise and shine. Brush teeth, morning face routine, weigh myself (I'm crazy like that) and chat with D a bit. 

Head downstairs, put the kettle on. Unpack dishwasher. Check my messages. 

Peace and quiet before the mayhem begins
My vitamins, daily planner, iPad and tea with milk for a few minutes.

The girls usually get up at 7 or a bit before…. after a quick snuggle. It's up and at 'em as A begins begging for milk.

I seriously think this kid will eventually become addicted to caffeine. She needs her warm beverage at least twice a day. Yeah, I warm my kid's milk. #canadaiscoldninemonthsoftheyear #dontjudge

A smoothie for me and D. This mornings concoction contains banana, frozen raspberries, canteloupe, spinach, unsweetened almond milk, kefir and chia seeds. Smoothies seriously give me more energy than any other breakfast. 

I make lunch and snacks for D most days now that I'm not in the corporate world anymore. Cheaper and healthier for the win. Today's was an egg salad sandwich, a granola mix and some veggies with dip.

Then I clean up this mess!

Banana pancakes for the girls (leftover from the weekend). Weekdays are all about the quickie breakfasts.

After combing hair, making beds, tidying up, packing my gym bag, supervising outfit choices getting the girls  and myself dressed, we head out at 8:15.

We pray in the car and sing at the tops of our lungs! These days they're into 'Honey, I'm Good.'

At school- A walks in like she owns the joint

At about 8:46, I head into the gym for some running and a 55 minute weights class.

All showered and ready to go at about 10:30-ish.

I ran a few errands before heading to my friend/chiropractor at 11 am for a quick adjustment.

And then I pick up A at 11:30 and run into Cassia's class for a quick hair check- ever since the lice thing, I've been very vigilant with her hair tying.

A is a beast until she gets her milk!

And then some lunch- no she's not on Atkins- she had some bread too.

My lunch. We usually eat left-overs for lunch. Today is grilled shrimp (A had some of it too), turkey sausage and a garden salad. Once or twice a week, we have lunch with friends. 

I let her watch about 30 minutes of TV while I wash my floors and tidy up a bit.

1:00 (ish)
A heads upstairs for story and a nap. She comes back downstairs at least once.
During this time, I get most of my stuff done- my work (on a go slow for the summer, thank goodness), my blogging, my blog stalking, my cooking (not today, I made a double batch of soup so we're having that for dinner.), tidying up etc.

I made time for a snack.

And then some more cleaning, this time it was the guest bathroom and a shelf in the linen closet

A is up and she has a snack- crackers and brie #foodie. #mighthavehadabiteortwo

Then we do some flashcards and some painting (mess free of course). Sometimes we watch TV, go outside or run errands when it's nice out. 

And I get this message on my phone

My babysitter comes over and we head to Cassia's dance studio. Today is Picture Day so here they are- getting ready.

And A gets her sticker in her last Kindermusik class for the year. A started to get cranky in Kindermusik which was not typical.

And we pick C up- no dance next year. She's chosen gymnastics instead. I'm both sad and happy #nofourrecitals

Home for some leftover chicken tortilla soup. 
I totally ate some Smart Pop after this. 

A begins to lose it at this point so I take her to bed. 

And they we have some granola and yogurt as a snack

D came home late (after 7:30 ) and A woke up in time for snuggles and daddy-daughter time 

I checked a few more emails and tidied up a bit.

C practised her violin and then went outside with her dad for some bike riding. (when it's a normal school day, I usually do work at home with her as well) A played in the kitchen until they came back and then we did a couple practices for the big recital weekend coming up. Summer days are usually longer ones. 
I brush my teeth, change into my pjs and do my night-time face routine. (I brush my teeth early so I don't snack in the night)

Working on her phonics with Dad. At this point she should be in bed but with the power nap she took at seven she is fine!

I watched UnReal which if you watch the Bachelor, you should definitely watch. 

At this point it's 9:30 and Darin is doing bedtime (as he usually does) as I am wiped out and can't understand why my offspring is still up!

I read in bed until 10:30- (the new Judy Blume for the win) It's at this point I usually fall asleep. 

However, as I was going to bed I heard some whimpering from A's room so I check on her and she has a temperature (this kid hardly ever gets sick). 
I give her some meds and put her to sleep with me and D goes to sleep in C's room. 
A then falls asleep for 10 minutes while I research fevers with no other symptoms- it's nothing to be worried about they tell me- (sidenote: I live with a physician but often use the internet for med research!)
A then decides she wants to sleep in her own bed so I'm left to sleep on my own. 
I then can't sleep so I look for black rompers online-
and then it's midnight and I finally drift off!
(got up at 2 am to check on A and she was absolutely fine with no fever and this morning at  6 she is fine again) 

So there you have it--- didn't turn out to be such a typical night but that's how the days usually go around here! I will look back at these days one day and know that they were simply the best days of my life--- the time my babies were babies! 

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  1. I love day in the life posts, the are just so much fun. I enjoy getting a peek into everyone's life :)!

  2. What a great idea - I am totally borrowing this for a future post! Stopping by from Thinking out Loud Thursday! Also -I'm tired just reading your post! Shew! Have a great day! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, busy mom much? More like super mom!

  4. I just woke up and Im already exhausted ;) I enjoy milk in my tea too, makes me feel so proper and English haha. Also warm milk with a little bit of honey, delish!

  5. These kind of posts are so fun to read! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your daily life. ;)

  6. Love day in the life posts! You get more done before 11 am than I get done in a week, and that's not even exaggerating... You're my new role model ;) And if your kiddo has to be sick, then a two hour illness is pretty lucky. Glad she recovered so quickly, that girl's a trooper!

  7. I love day in the life posts. Love how productive your day is, I need some of your healthy eating to rub off on me!

  8. Love day in the life posts!!! Ive only done one nd need to do another. You pack a lot in!!! Your kids are so cute and ps as a kid my mum warmed my tea as well. She quite possibly started my hot drink addiction haha

  9. Love this post!! Glad your little one got over her fever quickly. That's happened to my kids a few times too. My favorite part of this post though was "...then I can't sleep so I look for black rompers online" ha!! Love it.

  10. Such busy schedule, you sure are super girl , every day pics of the girls are adorable. We all know it is such a big challenge to accomplish those everyday routine, especially the unexpected stuff like sickness. Excellent job!!!!


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