Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Fun-Day

Well maybe not this Friday as we'll be off to the first of four dance recitals--- yeah, that's right, four! D and I are taking two each and saying little prayers (and maybe consuming some wine at intermission. ) 

But it's still the weekend and it's almost summer so we are definitely going to make the most of it. Let's get started!

1- I'm in the market for a black romper for the summer to wear by itself and as a cover-up. I'm seriously thinking of this one! I've also been eyeing some jumpsuits but that's another tale for another time.

2- I love a good bandwagon and I like to think I'm 15 so this week I did this as my manicure. Confession: the first time I saw this trend, I might have cringed a bit.
 (the ring finger is a silvery colour)

3- This fruit salad is super delicious, refreshing and so simple for an easy, healthy weekday (or weekend if you're not my sugar loving family) treat. Just fruit, lime juice and honey and so yum!

You probably often have these items at home anyways.

4- I'm not blogging lots these days as I'm trying to soak as much of summer in and organise/prep for the girls being home soon. This week's posts were focused on my work-out routine and a day in my life. Thank you for your sweet comments as always, friends! 

5- And just 'cause she's sugary sweet!

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Happy Weekending!
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  1. Im secretly jealous you are going to dance recitals. I hope I have a girl someday just so she can dance:) that fruit salad looks delicious!

  2. That fruit salad looks delish! I too have been out of the blogging routine and honestly, I'm okay with it lol.

  3. I can't wait until Olivia is 3 and old enough for dance!! and that fruit Salad looks so delish!!!

  4. Good luck with the recitals and definitely go for the wine at intermission lol. Never thought to put honey in a fruit salad, but that sounds amazing!
    Winks and Eyerolls

  5. Hope those dance recitals go smoothly and that your girl has a ball! :) That fruit salad looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the link!! Have a great weekend, Sarita!

  6. I just bought some white nail polish, so I might be jumping on that bandwagon too ;)

  7. LOL, I cringed when I saw the nail trend at the mall a while back for the first time, and I also jumped on the bandwagon :) That fruit salad looks delicious; my kids love them!

  8. 4 dance recitals? Oh my Lord, honey you need a winery in your trunk! Love that romper, I need to get myself one for the summer. Your nails are super cute, I can't pull that light of a shade. I did go teal this week and I love it! Have a fabulous weekend! xo Amanda @ A Brownie World

  9. I love the romper! I have been eyeing something similar at Zara but can't seem to pull the trigger!!! Have fun at the recitals.

  10. Get the romper its very cute!! haha i cant pull off white nails. Ive tried but I suck!!

  11. What a beautiful smile from A. Fruit salad looks delish.


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