Monday, January 11, 2021

Small comforts

Happy Monday, lovelies. We are in lockdown in Ontario for a couple more weeks but who knows what the next couple of months will bring with our climbing numbers? So today's Not Just a Mom link up is perfectly timed as the small comforts are what it's all about these days. I'm not a host this year but please link up with SarahAdrienneDaraJenJoanne, and Lauren for some fun. I will be as much as I can!

Here's a random list of some small comforts/cozy things in our lives these days:

1- A very hot cup of coffee in the am. I'm transitioning to a cup of coffee in the am instead of tea. I got D a single serve coffee maker for Christmas and I've been using it religiously also. The quality of my coffee experience is so much better. Now if only I could do black like he's started.

2- Throw blankets--- the softer and fluffier the better. We have baskets of them in our two sitting areas and in some bedrooms too. My kids use them instead of blankets to sleep sometimes.

3- Homemade baked goods-- but it's Jan-YOU-ary so healthy ones. We are going to start experimenting with some gluten free treats soon. If you have any good recipes, please send them my way!

4- Snowy mornings where no one has to drive anywhere! Winter driving is not my fave even with good tires.

5- I've been making chai a couple times a week with this blend. It tastes like the real thing that my Indian friend makes. 

6- Candles-- I mostly use soy wicks these days but there is something about the flicker of a candle on a winter day that really is cosy. I use warmer scents come winter like vanilla and marshmallow.

7- A good glass of red wine maybe with some artisan cheese or popcorn! 

8- Special family meals like Mexican or Hawaiian night, Sunday brunches or even a nice pizza night!

9- A really good book. I discovered Overdrive and the Libby app through my local library so even more great, free books at my finger tips.

10- Binge worthy shows or comedy specials. 

11- A Facetime coffee or Happy Hour drink with your bestie. 

12- Joggers--- it will be a sad day when I have to wear real pants again.

13- Delicious weekly soups (I load them with veggie goodness)  that I make for dinner one night and have as lunches during the week. 

14- Slippers-- I got these for Christmas and they are like a warm hug in the am!

15-Snowy walks--- this has been a new thing since getting Toby but it's changed winter so much for us. Getting that fresh air is a game changer. 

What small comforts are in your lives these days?


  1. What a great post! These are all things that bring me joy as well! It’s a little things you know!

  2. These are all great! I love my joggers. I should get another pair!

  3. So many things I can relate to. I would say, don't worry about the black coffee, live your life, haha. I use cream :)
    It will be a sad day when I have to wear nylons again!

  4. Our library has Overdrive too but so far ever single time I have ever tried to get a book from it I get a message saying I'm waitlisted since our library's editions are already checked out. I wish I could figure out how to browse with what IS available. I too do not like driving in the snow; but love those snowy days when I can just stay home.

  5. I should have thought to add a glass of red wine and baked goods to my list! I love both so much. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Nice meals definitely provide a cozy feeling -- especially pizza night! And I totally agree that the snow, when no one has to go anywhere, is definitely cozy.

  7. Our library has Libby and Overdrive too and I love them-- so convenient!


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