Friday, January 22, 2021

Currently on my birthday!!!

It's my birthday, friends!! This is 42!!!   Every year ON my birthday, I do a little currently- sort of like a state of the soul if you may.... Here's this year's currently...

thinking |  That  remote learning will do me in! My little one tests my patience in so many ways as it's a lot of self learning and not a lot of class meetings. It's hard for an eight year old and then it becomes hard for her mama!
drinking | I was more of a tea drinker until this past year when I've converted to a morning cup of coffee on most days. If I'm having breakfast which I seldom do anymore, then I'd have tea. 
eating | gluten free as a family. It's going well but it certainly is a transition. A gluten free slice of cake is hopefully in my future tonight. 
reading | Family for Beginners-- A Novel by Sarah Morgan... I'm really liking it--- A couple heavier ones are on my list so this touching, satisfying read is good for my soul.
loving | and accepting my strong body and that I can do a push up in my forties when I couldn't do a ladies' pushup in my twenties, even though I was probably 20 pounds lighter.
wanting | my poor Toby's ear infections to be at bay. Poor thing has had a rough week with a possible surgery and double ear infections. And... putting his ear drops in is in the Top 5 of physically difficult things I've ever had to do in my life.... eesh
watching | too much news this past year--- I've started to switch off except for the amazing inauguration--- it was so heart warming and I found myself getting teary eyed... and I'm not even American! Other than that, D and I have been watching some stand up. 
listening | to many podcasts when I take Toby for his daily walks. 
trying | to meditate every morning and clean my house every evening.... four people and a rambunctious dog is chaotic! 
wishing | that I can see my parents and family over the summer. 
planning | menus that involve using what we have in our fridge , freezer and pantry so we don't have to go to the supermarket too often during lockdown-- my longest is still 17 days between visits. I consider it a personal challenge of sorts. 
enjoying | all the doggie snuggles for his favourite person--- he is getting so big.
day dreaming | of sunshine and summer! Or at least spring and no lockdown.
waiting |  see the point above about lockdown in Ontario.  So basically waiting for our Covid numbers to go down or at least a large part of our populace to be vaccinated. 
liking |My Peloton! Some great workouts, that's for sure.
needing | to stop snacking after dinner.... I've switched from Milk to Dark and soon I'm really going to try sugar free keto chocolate-eeeep! 
wearing | all the joggers and all the sweatshirts like everyone else. 
starting | to add Bollywood dance from YouTube to my workout selection. A little dance is good for the soul. Any other YouTube dance workouts you recommend. 
smelling | lots of cooking over lockdown. 
thanking | God for all the many blessings in this challenging year behind us. Here are just a few of them that have come to mind for my past year.
1- Walking around my neighbourhood... it's been a big part of my social life for the past year. 
2- F45 and Peloton- two different, difficult workouts that really challenge me. 
3- Cooking even more- lots of new stuff and old favourites. Oh and my family is glad that I can finally make roti. 
4- My little love, Mr. Toby
5- Getting even closer to my cousin who almost lost his life nearly a year ago. 
6- My mom surviving Covid and everyone else  in my family staying healthy despite the pandemic. 
7- All the family shows we made time to watch
8-  The stuff at home we were able to accomplish.
9- Mini adventures in Toronto.
10-New friendships I've forged in the past year.

A low key birthday for sure... takeout, some sparkling wine and lots of laughs with this crew. Oh and cake.... always cake!


  1. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my beautiful friend! You look amazing! I love the gratitude in your heart. I had no idea your mom had Covid and I’m so glad she is OK. You are strong and you are beautiful and the 40s are great although I’m almost out of them, LOL! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! Celebrate all weekend!

  2. Happy happy birthday!! Sending you lots of virtual love today! Enjoy that cake :)

  3. Happy birthday! This is a fun post. I think you had a good year despite everything!

  4. Happy Birthday. Learned so much about you. My daughter is 9 and we have been struggling with virtual learning as it is self paced and self taught. Hopefully things start turning around for everyone


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