Monday, January 4, 2021

Christmas Fun 2020.

Happy New Year and Happy January! Here are some moments of our very quiet Christmas at home. Spoiler alert, it was a lot of baking, cooking, giving, decorating, holiday movie watching, game playing and family fun and we loved it. We missed our family and friends but chug along we did and it was a wonderful one.

 My friend Jenn brought me these happy hour treats just before our happy hour the Friday before Christmas!

She knows me too well!

Baked goods from C's bestie.

We took cards and treats for our neighbours and C's teacher and C played Let It Snow on her violin for them. A couple people may have teared up

We did a Christmas light scavenger hunt with the kids. I printed a list off Pinterest and they had to find 12-15 items off it... they got 20 and were very pleased with themselves.

Like the rest of North America, we became obsessed with Hot Cocoa Bombs.

We also had our share of cocktails. Spiked sorrel for the win!

We are obsessed with Christmas tree shapes. D did this one...

Carolling with the family!

Taking in the neighbourhood sights

A drive-thru light show because it was a 2020 thing!!

Our niece is at University and couldn't home for the holidays so she spent a couple days with us. A Christmas Eve appetizer lunch

D did his mom proud with a veggie Christmas tree

All "dressed up" and ready for the evening...

My family did a secret Santa exchange on Christmas Eve and it was a lot of fun trying to guess who got who! 

An awful picture but the only one we have!

We listened to a kids' online mass, watched The Elf, put out cookies and milk for Santa (and a letter) and did some Christmas karaoke... 

There is something so beautiful and blessed about Christmas Eve night.

Hello, Christmas morning... lots of snow, lots of smiles and fun!!

A got her Instax mini camera and C got her Oodie from Santa which she has worn daily since!

My kids used all their savings and pooled money from Grandma and Dad to buy me an iPhone... I didn't ask for one but they knew that I really did want one. C was saving for a Chromebook (we got her one for Christmas) and used all her money. They wrote me the sweetest letter. It was the most generous and thoughtful thing. 

Followed by our traditional Christmas Day brunch. 

In true 2020 fashion and not pictured, the girls found their first pet, their hamster Mochi dead in her hamster bin a bit after midday. There were so many tears from both of them. They were quite down for the rest of the day. It was so hard for us to see them so sad. 

We went for a long walk in the beautiful fresh snow. 

We watched The Santa Clause 2, made our traditional Christmas tree, had some prosecco and dinner. 

A quiet Christmas with some not so good parts but a beautiful, blessed one all the same.

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  1. What a great post! A Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt is so much fun. Looks like your stockings were stacked, not hung, but the chimney since they were so full like ours and we had buffalo plaid pajamas too. Your gift of an iPhone is so amazing, how lovely of your girls to pool their money like that. Happy New Year!

  2. This is so great, so much fun! I love that they got you an iphone! How did you take that table picture from above, it looks so cool!

  3. So many fun moments as a family, wasn't it just lovely to have a white Christmas?!

  4. this is so many great times that is well loved for family thanks for sharing
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  5. So much fun for the holidays this year. The Christmas tree bread looks incredible, and I'm so sorry to hear about the hamster. Definitely 2020! Hope you have a good week! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  6. How touching that they pooled their money to buy you something they knew you've been wanting! That is so sweet. Sorry to hear about their hamster though.


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