Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Our #stayhome lists

Good day, friends! How are you all? I mean really, how are you? I go from being worried, to being prayful, to getting antsy,  to being appreciative, to enjoying all this family time, to being overwhelmed. Basically, we are hanging in there but trying to make the most of it. 

Last week, I made the girls made lists of what they think they need to do in this uncertain time. A bit of fun, a bit of necessary stuff for their learning, more downtime than usual and stuff they need to do around the house as well. It made them pause for a moment, really reflect on the upcoming weeks and build a bit of anticipation. 

We are following a bit of a routine but not totally so. There is some learning, some reading, some math  and  instruments being practiced. However, bedtimes are later, mornings are sleepier, screens are out more and lots of baking going on. Lots of family time and fresh air too! It's not the norm for my routine following self but it works for now.  I want my kids to look back at this time many years from now with some fond memories. 

So since I made my kids make their list, I also compiled a bit of a list for me as well. Thankfully, work is a little slower these days for me which isn't the case for so many of us. Here's what I hope to do in the days that follow:

1- Facetime or chat with someone outside the house everyday. It's all about continuing to build those social connections.

2- Clean a little bit most days. We are tackling little projects for chunks of time that have been on my mind for months. 

3- Home cooking fun. So many delicious homecooked meals to experiment with and baking to be done. I'm also teaching C some basic recipes and kitchen skills. And we make popcorn most nights :-).

These peanut butter ones are super easy and you can even cut the sugar a bit. 

4- Text friends and family who need it most.

5- Check out Youtube videos on self massage - my neck, shoulders and face are getting some relief. Who knew my jaw bone held tension? I'm also doing tons of lower back yoga and stretches I've found online. 

6- We go for a walk every day. Somedays are longer than others but boy does the fresh air help. 

7- Read-- With work being so busy, I've had a couple on my list for a while. Kindle Unlimited is getting some use this month.

8- Focusing on gratitude and quiet meditation. 

9- We have been watching Little House and The Prairie most nights. It's really taking us back to a simpler time. 

What about you? What are you doing to bring you joy? Any tips and tricks to share?


  1. Great list! One thing that's fun is the neighborhood games. Like putting a bear in the window for walking families to look for. And tagging each other's sidewalks with chalk!

  2. My emotions are about the same as yours - the anxiety is for real regarding family members staying healthy and neither of us losing our jobs. Trying to stay positive, and keep trusting God through all this. Taking daily walks and getting fresh air is so good for the soul, and yay for baking!

    Green Fashionista

  3. I enjoyed reading your Stay Home lists. Those peanut cookies look yummy! That's good that you're still getting out for walks. :)



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