Monday, March 16, 2020

One Day At A Time

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As a kid, this hymn played every morning on the radio when I was on my way to school. It  has been running through my head on repeat  through these past few days. At at time where there has been so much fear, paranoia and panic, we need to take things one day at a time. 

School's out for us, they say until April 5th but I'm really not sure. T his is such a busy time with work for me. D's at work in the hospital still and that's a constant source of worry for me because of how contagious this disease is. My parents are here but they need to go back to NYC soon, a hotbed for Covid 19. My mom also works in healthcare. Again, more worry! 

However, I'm realising the need to do more and more is be positive.What I'm teaching my girls though is to appreciate these moments. Use this time to go back to basics and be more mindful. Appreciate those little loves we live with and all that family time. Read a book or play a game. Appreciate the quiet time and get a little fresh air. Take some time to purge those drawers and closets. Watch your kid dance like no one is watching. 

And maybe, just maybe, we will emerge from this stronger, wiser, more appreciative and just a little bit more content. 

Count those rainbows instead of the storms, friends... One day at a time...

Love to you all.


  1. I told Gabbie we had to take it one day at a time as well. It's kind of like one hour at a time sometimes!

  2. I like this advice, thanks!! I like to have so many things planned out and consider all of the possibilities, but that doesn't really help here. I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Good luck to your parents to get back home.

  3. That's what I've been talking about with my boys too. To just take each day and moment and try not to worry so much about the future since we can't control what happens anyway.


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