Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What’s up, Wednesday?!

What's up, friends and family. Seems like I haven't blogged for a hot minute. So much has been going on... not all of it good... But chug along we must, and that's what we've been doing bit by bit, day by day but really sometimes this is what I really feel.... ha!!

, What’s Up Wednesday {12.18.19}

What we're eating this week?
Lots of veggies, greens, lean protein and grains. 
Monday: Mixed bean soup. 
Tuesday: a fundraiser for swimming-- we went to a local soup/salad joint for dinner.
Wednesday: fish and cauliflower salad.
Thursday: falafel salad
Friday: some sort of takeout is calling our name
What I'm reminiscing about
This lovely little lady

What I'm loving
These little visitors in our back yard.

And this lovely edible arrangement we gave my mom for her birthday. Doesn't it look yum? Happy Birthday, mama!!

What we've been up to…
Skiing, swimming and lots of time home with these kiddos as there teachers go on strike. I feel like I am on constant snack duty...
We also had a swim meet this past weekend... This gal crushed it.

 Four improved times, yo!

What I'm reminiscing about:
This lovely little lady

How time flies!!

What I'm working on
I started F45 training at lunchtimes close to my house. So I guess stamina and strength! A couple resistance workouts and a few hiit workouts thrown in. It is insane! 

What I'm excited about…
The summer!
What I'm watching/reading…
 I'm into This is Us, A Million Little Things, Grey's Anatomy and The Bachelor--- oh the suspense! I'm also watching The Crown and the Marvellous Mrs. Maisel at times.

What I'm listening to..
Right now, jazz is playing in the background. 
What I'm wearing…
I sprained my toe a couple weeks ago. It was so painful, even socks were hard to put on.. It's a bit better now but still not 100% so I guess lots of Uggs. And the usual sweaters, jeans, workout gear, rinse, repeat. 

What I'm doing this weekend…
We have a date night with friends we haven't seen in 9 months, the last weekend of skiing and lots and lots of prep for the next week ahead. 

What I'm looking forward to next month? 
My parents try to squeeze in a visit whenever they can and I'm always so happy to see them. 

What else is new?
The not so good stuff I mentioned earlier. My very close cousin, the live wire of our family who is like a brother to me ( he calls me big sister actually) contracted bacterial meningitis. He was critically ill and on life support for a little less than a week. To say we were distraught and so, so worried is an understatement. Brain function and organ failure were also huge concerns of ours. I do not know if I've ever prayed so hard for anything before. Thankfully by God's glorious Grace, he regained consciousness and the vital organs seem to be functioning okay. We are still very concerned about other things, he is in a lot of pain and there are a lot of complications so many prayers are coming his way for healing. It really does make you realise how temporal things can be and how very grateful we need to be for health and family

So that's what's been going on. Hope you have a wonderful day, lovelies. Hug those ones near and dear to you especially tight!

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  1. I was wondering where you'd been. So sorry about your cousin but glad things are looking better! How did you sprain your toe? I dropped my laptop on mine about 6 weeks ago and it's finally almost better!

  2. Praying for your family. Love and hugs.

  3. I'm happy to see you back here with an update :) What a terrible situation for your cousin, I will pray for him and for you all.
    Your menu sounds so healthy, well done! And good work on the workouts. I fell skiing on the weekend so I've been sans workouts this week, can hopefully get back into it soon.

  4. SO glad to hear your cousin will be ok, sending lots of hugs and prayers your way <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. I pray his recovery continues to go well. And yes, lots of extra time with our kids this month, hey?

  6. I'm on a constant snack duty as well lol. I can't wait for the summer! I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. That's amazing he regained consciousness. I will put him on my prayer list and believe for complete and total healing <3

  7. Praise God your cousin is going to be OK, I can only imagine how scared you were. I am so sorry you sprained your toe. I’m glad your parents can come for a visit and here’s hoping with the warmer weather, sweeter things are all you need to deal with!

  8. So happy that your cousin is on the mend - how absolutely terrifying for your family.

    I'm also pretty excited to see how the bachelor is going to end this season!

  9. I hope your cousin will continue to make improvements and make a full recovery! We had a friend of the family who was hospitalized for the same thing (a couple of years ago) for quite a long time and I remember feeling so helpless to help their family. I just cooked meals and brought them food whenever I could. That edible arrangement looks amazing.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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