Monday, February 10, 2020

Not Just A Mom - Date night

Happy Monday friends! Today on our Not Just A Mom linkup, we're talking date nights!! So important in a relationship--- especially after those kids come along!

Here's how we make it happen....

- We do exactly that-- make it happen. We have a couple good babysitters and our niece in town thankfully. When my parents come to visit, they also love to get solo time with the kids so we make it happen then as well. 

- Little impromptu trips are fun as well. When we drop the kiddos to skiing, we sneak off for quick lunch and a grocery trip... without kids, grocery shopping is a whole 'nother experience, ha!!

- We do solo couple time but we also do double and triple dates with friends... that's also fun and mixes it up a bit!

- We are foodies, so trying out different restaurants is always a good idea... 

- But then we also switch it up and head to experiences and shows sometimes. 

- When date nights out aren't happening, date nights in are also fun. A good movie, popcorn and wine is always a good idea!!!

Speaking of date night, here's our most recent date night this past Saturday.

Aperitif- check

Yummy food (but exceptionally dark photo) check

A show after... check 

Here's to a lifetime of dates with this special love of mine ;-)

What are your favourite date night tips?

Also, here's a list for the topics in the year ahead. Mark your calendar friends. 

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  1. We went out to a new restaurant this weekend too; sadly the one we picked was a real dud and the food was mediocre at best.. but it's one of those memories that I know will make us laugh in the future.

  2. We love trying new little adventures together. This was so fun and you’re both so beautiful! We especially love dates.

  3. I love getting out alone when the kids are otherwise occupied! Even just to Costco!

  4. Yes to sneaking away for lunch dates. We try to do that if we can! And grocery shopping without kids is like vacation!!

  5. I really love date nights and we try to get at least two in a month - usually they happen during the work week when my mom watches Sophia! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I like your attitude of just making it happen. Michael and I are so bad at this... we always feel guilty but we need to stop that!! You guys are super cute btw :)


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