Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Prime Lately- December 2019

Yay for Tuesday and online shopping. Seriously, I do maybe 95% of my shopping online and though I spread my love through all retailers, Prime does hold first place in my heart. Also, sidenote, my first born oft sneaks a look at my blog, so no purchases for her are included in this line up of things purchased in December.

American Girl - Hair Brush for Dolls
My kids swear by this one for their doll's hair and needed a replacement. A stocking stuffer for a certain seven y/o.

My very favourite Shilajit resin is on sale right now. I finished one bottle and really loves its effect so I bought another one. It's a huge drop in the price I paid. 

We are huge S'well fans in our house and this S'well 16 oz tumbler is wonderful for my cold and hot beverages. I'm sipping from it as I type. Sidenote, you will have to purchase this tumbler cover separately if you are purchasing. 

One of the two things on my list this year were these earbuds for the gym, running and just in the house when I'm running around. It was on Super Sale for Black Friday so I bought it for myself using D's CC D gifted it to me. Sidenote, D doesn't do online shopping and doesn't pay attention to emails/sales so  it's like I'm helping our household save money. 

A is really into her rainbow loom and we figured this extra large loom would be a hit as a Christmas present. Love presents that they can actually use!!

Obsessed with this Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick. Wet it and go. It lasts longer than all the other natural, aluminum free deodorants I've used.

Huge fan of this vegetarian Algae for heart and brain health and overall well being. 

My friend Jenn gave me this scent last year and I'm obsessed as it's a soy candle with a clean burn. Stocked up for the season. 

Linking up with Prime Lately with Tanya! Sidenote, I didn't get enough time to link up my favourite Prime Purchases this year but it would probably be the resin which I re-purchased above and my very favourite dyson hairdryer (not  purchased on Amazon but if you are looking to buy, now is the time with this $50 Amazon gift card upon purchase)

What have you been buying lately?


  1. Oh getting that American girl brush!! My daughters doll hair is looking pretty awful! Poor doll! I love amazon prime!

  2. Zachary is getting airpods for Hanukkah. I hope he doesn't lose them two seconds later.

  3. My kids are crazy about the Airbuds. I think I need some too. xo

  4. A few things I've never heard of. I need to do some more research on all of these supplements and stuff that people use and see what may be right for me. I get overwhelmed by it all and wonder if it's snake oil or what. But I do know people swear by these things so I'll try to figure it out in the new year.

  5. I feel the same way. Prime holds a spot in my heart because it's so convenient. I need to check out that crystal deodorant. I haven't had the best luck with natural ones. I just tried the new Dove aluminum free one and we will see if it holds up.

  6. The AG brush is so cute! Airpods are the big gift this year I think! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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