Friday, June 21, 2019

Yep, a whole week since I last blogged. Life lately has us so very busy... Here's a little this and that  to play catch up....

Yep, finallty sunbathing weather ;-).

One of my favourite girls and I made our way to St Jacobs for our inaugural visit.

So many little finds.

We attended the retirement party for our lovely Montessori teacher. 

Raptors fever!!! We are obsessed!

Not obsessed enough to go to a Jurassic Park- I have a problem with extra large gatherings anyways but we stayed up waaayyy past our bedtimes and ate way too many carbs.... I thought I would have a mini heart attack in that last .9 second.

When you have a coupon for two pizza slices, you'd better have that for Friday dinner.

We got our backyard power washed and I'm way too excited about it... Oh the things that bring us joy.

The before...

And the after.....

Popped some prosecco to celebrate this special guy for Father's Day

I was wearing no makeup hence the B&W.

And made all his favourite things!!

Spring flowers make me happy...

She asked me to show her piano fingers and toes...

Love matching my girls.... and they don't seem to mind it either!

And finally, just two funnies.



Happy Friday, friends!! XOXOX


  1. What a fun week. That’s so awesome about the Raptors. Still loving that picture of the girlies holding hands! Happy Weekend beautiful!

  2. Ahhh summer time is the best time to take a step back from here if needed. It looks like you all had fun! The Raptors played some really great games and it was well deserved, but I still would have loved to see our Sixers win. Better luck next time. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  3. Thumbs up to all those faves! Raptors, market, flowers, father's day feast!! Happy First Day of Summer!

  4. Yes, we are getting a lot more sleep now that the Raptors' games are over! Ha!

    And you were in my neck of the woods at the St Jacobs Market. Fun!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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