Friday, June 7, 2019

Kinda summer and kinda outdoor tips from a somewhat outdoor person.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the topic was outdoors! And what type of outdoor person you are.... Are you an adventurer? If you had a choice, would you spend all your waking hours outside? Are outdoor sports or  camping your idea of a good time? Or are you like most of my (extended ) family and prefer the AC, indoor activities and not too much sunshine.

Summer is my jam.... I love the patio season: the warmth, the sunshine, the good moods, the grilling, the flip flops, the fashion and the flowers! But here's the deal. I like easy summer fun! Anything that requires loads of pre-planning or work to 'get there' is not my idea of fun. I'm okay with sticky and sweaty but not mosquitos and outhouses. Fresh air is awesome, so is a good walk but you won't see me going on a daytime backpacking trip anytime soon. Give me a spritzer, some good music and a little sunshine and I'm a happy camper--- who has seriously never actually been camping (ha!)... except for that time we did it in our back yard.

Anyways, here are a few things we do to make the most of gorgeous weather.

1- Parks are awesome and we try to vary it quite a bit with different venues. However, as my kids are getting older, dare I say they are outgrowing parks. It's nice to vary it a bit by maybe bringing a different thing sometimes-- maybe a ball, a frisbee or some bubbles to add something new to the experience.

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2- Sunscreen, baseball caps and water bottles to keep hydrated and cool through it all. 

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3- Keep updated on different festivals and things to do in your area. We've discovered so many different things in and around our area like rib festivals and bunkerfest. There's a berry picking farm in our area that we love to go to! 

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4- For those bugs, area sprays are awesome in addition to mosquito repellant.

5- When entertaining, keep it simple. No need to make multiple course meals and complicated cocktails. Do what you can before and then enjoy your company when they get here... ( I don't always follow this advice)
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6- Relax with the rules: my kids eat a bit more sugar and go to sleep just a bit later in the summer time!! Also, we take time as adults in the house. At one time, I was entertaining almost everyday pool side... We've stopped that big time now. 

7- Mix it up... some weekends are busier than others but it's nice to get some time at home with a whole lotta nothing to just chill (or catch up on laundry or projects in my case). We also mix up those play-dates with different friends and to different places. Also, make some time for the adults only.

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8-  D always love to walk on the "shady side of the street". Ha! Makes a huge difference in the sweltering heat. 

9- Make it fun, educational and observational for you and your kids. We look at different flowers and plants and discuss our favourites! If we go on a roadtrip, we all like to learn about the place we're heading to. Sidenote, D and I check the architecture out and cool houses that we like. 

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10- Push yourself outside your comfort zone! For the sake of the family, ha! Yeah I've never been camping before but when we camped in our backyard-- I'm like maybe one of these good days with the right company I could do this camping thing. Also, I don't really like a big mess but I turn a blind eye to the chalk paint, the outdoor slime and the mud pies... 

Are you an indoor or outdoor person? What outdoor tips do you have to share with me?

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  1. I love being outside and don't mind camping, but I hate messes! Stay away from that mud puddle! Don't touch me with your sticky popsicle hands! We are never making slime!

  2. I say that I like to be outside but I get hot and icky pretty quickly! I do want my kids to spend more time outside and I want to encourage them by doing it myself too!

  3. I'm all about being active outside...hiking, going to the beach, etc...BUT..I don't wanna sleep out there! I definitely want all the comforts of home. Keith and I went hunting together when were dating..4 days with no running

  4. Taking all these tips as we want to spend as much time outside with Baby this summer!

  5. I think I'm pretty much an outdoor person like you. I like it, we hike quite a bit, spend lots of time outside and swimming in the lake, have camped (ONCE AND ONLY ONCE) in our yard but I will never be that backpacking adventurer who wants to hike for more than an hour or two at a time.


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