Monday, June 24, 2019

School Days- Our 1st and 4th Graders

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Happy Monday Friends... and happy last week of school, Canadians!! I got this idea from Sarah about a lil' recap of our school year and knew I had to do it also!

A came into Grade 1 French Immersion after graduating from our awesome Montessori. I was a bit worried about the adjustment but girlfriend embraced the change with lots of little girls in her class (out of the class of 23, there are 17 girls). She chats so much about her friends and their day to day activities. We had a rough start with a mat leave replacement teaching them until March--- oh the things I can tell you, friends! But in March, her wonderful teacher came back in and we saw so much growth and development and teaching of the curriculum.

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A is not my reader. She is  probably the strongest reader in her class but she really doesn't love it and barely picks up a book. The Raz Kids app that the school pays for is awesome because of the 'rewards' it gives the kids and she will do that but I'd like to get her to love reading more. I'm going to try hard (or hardly as she says it which in her  vocabulary means really hard) this summer. She prefers doing math games, art projects or deciding the guest list for her birthday party. She is in an enriched math program and she really enjoys it. She loves writing and her phonetic spelling might very well be my favourite thing in my life right now-- words like speshul and purrfect bring me lots of joy. 

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She is obsessed with hand sanitizer and singing. She is quiet and hard working in class. I've had the opportunity to volunteer in her class when her current teacher came back working with the kids on reading and writing and it's been a pleasure seeing her interacting with her peer group and listening so intently to the teachers words. Next year, we are going to work more on extra curricular as well encouraging her into a couple school clubs (providing that the teachers aren't on strike).

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C is now in Grade 4 French Immersion and she still loves the French. She loves learning and the principles that she espouses really impress us. She is in a 4/5 split which comes with it's challenges with the girl politics and class room dynamics.  I've had to speak to her teacher a couple times to monitor certain developments and I also have conversations with her about ignoring things, respecting others, rising above it and knowing the right words to say. I'm not always impressed with her peer group and the conversations she relays to me. 

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She has also had a very strong teacher. The teacher is a very critical thinker and encourages autonomy, taking ownership, leadership and advocacy. All life skills that will come in handy in this changing world. I've had a couple interviews with her teacher and she always has such positive things to say about C and her attitude, socialization and values.... but her desk needs to be cleaner and she is distracted at times. 
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C is my reader but so much so it's been distracting in class. Her teacher came up with the idea of not keeping her books in her desk and it has helped greatly with C now focusing on more attention to detail instead of very quickly trying to get through her work so that she can read. She loves math and  health most! 

C is more of a leader than a follower and is very strong with her extra curricular life at school. She does choir and PALS (leading games during outside time)  and she has tried things like yoga and bucket drumming to see if it's for her. Next year, she is excited to become a lunch room monitor. 

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So great years for both girls, always areas for improvements and always room for growth for them and for us as parents. Here's to a great summer, my girlies. 


  1. This is such a great idea, your girls are so precious! Isn’t it amazing all the similarities and differences between siblings?

  2. Happy end of school! I found that reading to my kids made them want to read more to themselves as well. Plus letting them stay up later if they are reading!

  3. So fun to look back and see what they accomplished this year. A very thoughtful summary. It sounds like they thrived even with some challenges. Happy Last Week of School!!

  4. Aw yay for putting your kids in immersion, maman!!

  5. My son was also a Grade 4 in a 4/5 split but thankfully there wasn't any drama in his friend group. (Well, there was but it didn't involve him.) He also got in trouble for reading when he should have been focusing more on school work. Ha!

    Happy summer!


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