Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday Favourites- The catching up edition

Fri-yay!!! Here are some favourites around here these days!

Met up with some of my old colleagues from my MBA this last weekend. It took my friend from Japan to visit to host something for us all to get together... isn't that something? We have to remedy this and I really hope to change it in the summer.

It was a pot luck and the star of the show was this Japanese seafood/egg pancake. Sounds different but it was SOOOO delicious. A couple of us had thirds!!! My mouth is watering thinking of it ;-P


Ivey the next gen

Local fundraisers are so much fun with some of my favourite people! 

Isn't this cute? We allowed the kids to 'walk home' from the park. #reallynotreally. I drove behind them and then stopped and waited while they walked... Then my friend came and met them. It was a 3 minute walk. Can anyone say helicopter parenting? LOL.

Finally in the process of ironing out summer camps and plans. This year we're doing golfing, girls rock camp (fourth year in a row) and trying out a video producing camp for C and a Lego robotics camp for A. Add a week in NYC and a week for the cruise and the summer is going to be a busy one!!

Met a friend for lunch and we had these absolutely delicious brussel sprouts. 

Kitchen spring cleaning yo'. Not a spare spot on the counter. 

Sometimes, we just need to rise above it all ;-)

Happy Weekending, loves!


  1. Looks like you've been having fun. I'm so worried about summer because Simon is only signed up for 2 weeks of camp! He's going to be bored the rest of the time!

  2. Looks like you have a great summer planned. A week in NYC is always super fun!

  3. It can be so hard to get everyone together but I'm glad you did. The kids look so cute walking home from the park. I love the summer so much but they always seem to be so busy. I'm hoping this one slows down a bit. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. Sounds like a busy but awesome summer- I gotta get on camp picking!

  5. The girls are going to love their camps this summer! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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