Friday, May 24, 2019


Yay for Friday! And a four day week! Here's what's been bringing a smile to our face in recent days!

1- D's birthday was this last week and he's so special, Canada had the day off for it. Ha! As per the birthday boy's request, we kept it super simple with his favourite brunch, a long hike with his girls and then we went to a neighbourhood potluck/music party in the evening. Though we didn't get a chance to do cake that day, we did it the day after... he wanted sugar and gluten free and I obliged- well me and the baker did :-).

This is what happens when the government bans weedicides :-)

This cake was legit delish #mindblown

Someone spilled a drink on the birthday boy so he changed into this very subdued number

2- I've found a new author- Jennifer Close. Sadly, she has only written three books but her writing reminds me of Judy Blume's. I read The Hopefuls this week and it had me feeling well... hopeful! I've already placed a hold on her two others in the library.

The Hopefuls: A novel by [Close, Jennifer]

3- My friend Jenn swears by this colour so I went to her nail place and requested it... the lady was like- oh, you are Jennifer's friend?! LOL. I love the cleanness of this colour both for fingers and toes. 

4- So many fun blooms out and some days we even have sunshine! The grass is green and my spirits are soaring, friends!

5- Did you miss my tulip festival post? So many beautiful blooms. If you are a tulip fan, I strongly encourage you to take a look. Still to come, my Ottawa post... Here's a sneak peak.

Have a wonderful weekend. The pool is opening today and we are awfully excited for the weekend. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mr. I LOVE your nail color. Have the sweetest weekend!

  2. Happy birthday to your husband, mine's is today! That's a great nail color!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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