Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What's up Wednesday- March 2018

I've been so quiet here. As we near the busy time in tax season, I'm a bit swamped. Add a little bit of real life and I find myself with little time to spare to blog!

What we're eating this week?
Monday: Veggies and chicken
TUesday: turkey sausage, white bean, veggie soup (even the kiddos loved it)
Wednesday: salad and chicken
Thursday(before a holiday)- pizza
Friday- maybe some fish?
Weekend- some decadence... did someone say mini eggs?!

Speaking of food, we went out on a double date with friends this weekend and the scallops and polenta were so, so good!

What I'm reminiscing about
Our little trip to Mexico. You can read about Part 1 and 2. Part 3 coming soon and we love it so much, we booked to go back next year!

What I'm loving
My kid placed third in her swim club's swimathon and won Raptors Tickets next weekend (and movie tix with a pizza). Thanks to all our family for their support!!! We couldn't do it without you guys. XOXO
PS: she also spent most of the night working on her favourite emoji as a costume - pizza. Read: parents spent lots of time as well. And then proceeded to forget her cap and googles en route to the club- priorities, kid!

And tulips and sunshine

What we've been up to…
The usual: swimming, dance (times two), music (times three), skiing (which ended last week) and school. And WORK!

What I'm dreading…
I have to volunteer at a local bingo hall as part of my commitment to C's swim-club. Kid, you owe me one. Longest two hours of my life. 

What I'm working on
Lots and lots of bank statements. 
Vacation scheduling.
EQAO with C
Reading with A. 

What I'm excited about…
Sum-sum-summa!!!! Although it's 3 months away! 

What I'm watching/reading…
The Resident.
And magazines!

What I'm listening to..
My girls--- they have so many questions about the most random things at any given hour of the day.

What I'm wearing…
My winter coat still but spring is coming friends! I can feel it!

What I'm doing this weekend…
Bingo volunteering, a little out of town adventure with D, an easter egg hunt, time with friends, Easter dinner with our framily and quality time with my peeps. 

What I'm looking forward to next month..
A little lady turns 9 and my parents come to visit. 

What else is new?
Not a whole lot of new but our friends came over for st. patty's day. This was our 4th time celebrating together-- kids en tow. We did it in fine style with some food coloring, lots of wings and this stellar pizza dip they brought.

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  1. So much going on...and I LOL to the longest two hours of my life. I have to work snack bar for baseball...I'm sure it will be a long 2 hours of my life. Perhaps I'll bring my laptop and do some editing...might as well make it worth it, especially since our league is so small if we make $30 a shift, that's a LOT. How about I just donate $30 and call it a day? hehe.

  2. Ugh...I've got to work concessions TWICE in April. It really is the worst part of kids being in activities. haha

  3. Did you already do the Bingo volunteering or is it still looming in the future? My mom lives in a retirement community and they play Bingo three times a week. We love to play when we visit.

    That pizza dip looks sensational. I know my PC would love it.

    Glad you enjoyed Mexico and have another trip planned for next year. I have been to Cancun once but would go back at a moment's notice.

  4. Hooray for booking a return trip to Mexico! I loved seeing all that you shared on Instagram and look forward to reading your recap posts! Congrats to your swimming star! How awesome! :) Loving those tulips, sunshine, and your beautiful blogging mug! I'm right there with you in that summer dreaming! Can't wait!!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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